’12 Best Albums: #7 Meek Mill Dreams & Nightmares

dreams & nightmares-cover

With his critically-acclaimed Dreamchasers mixtapes under his belt, Meek Mill carried over the success to his much-anticipated album, Dreams & Nightmares. We’ve all heard the prison walls to the hall of fame storyline repeatedly, but no one this year told it quite like Meek Mill. The title track rolls out his journey from the gutters of the Philly to the exotic penthouse suites. Meek continues his murderous tale (“Tony Story Pt. 2”), watches jealousy turn friends to strangers (“Who You Around”, “Polo & Shell Tops”) and even ponders sweet revenge on his father’s murder (“Traumatized”). Keeping that MMG signature sound, Ross joins him on the flashy “Believe It” and returns with Nas and John Legend on the luxurious “Maybach Curtains”. Despite the dark and street-driving records, radio praised the Drake-assisted “Amen” and even the auto-tune infested “Young & Gettin’ It”. For those who’ve been inspired, this is what dreams are truly made of.

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  • the One

    lol lol very funny!

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    2Chainz album was better

  • Gambino

    This album was alright. Good spot on this list for it

  • e

    Didn’t this album flop .. so what success did he carry over to this , Meeks lyrics are the same on mostly evey verse overall this album was average at best

  • MMG

    ya good album MEEK….Ross GOD FORGIVE I DONT TOP 5 Nigga nigga nigga
    Don’t believe me just watch HA!

  • No Way Hozay

    I wonder what MMG would be like without the help of RR and Shaheem Reid ‏lol

  • Zozo

    This list is garbage. This album is horrible

  • Slim Baller

    LOL 2 Chainz was better

    So lets see what we have left, the deserving albums : Trouble Man, Life Is Good, and Food and Liquor 2
    And the MMG SHIT albums: GOD forgives I don’t and now this so what am I missing?

  • Slim Baller

    And obviously KENDRICK is / better be #1

  • Ramel

    LOL, Meek album is Terrible! If Rap Radar was really holding it down for Hip Hop, the best albums of the year would go to Nas- Life Is Good, Kendrick Lamar – GKMC, Roc Marciano – Reloaded, OC & Apollo Brown – Trophies, Ka – Grief Pedigree, Schoolboy Q – Habits & Contradictions, Action Bronson – Rare Chandeliers, Sean Price – Mic Tyson, Skyzoo – A Dream Deferred, Wu-Block…Outside of Nas & Kendrick all the other major label releases were trash! MMG, Ross, Meek, Good Music, etc…Garbage!

  • 1 Hun Dun

    This album was terrible.. I really like meek too but this album was poor too rushed

  • tucq

    I hope GOD FORGIVES isn’t above Meek’s, cuz that’s bullshit if it is. Meek’s album is much, much better than Ross’

  • No Way Hozay

    I would also like to know why RR doesn’t show love to underground hip hop you guys seem to be more about radio friendly acts

  • Stop dickriding

    So Ab-Soul in the top 6 right ? And Kendrick #1 ?

  • bronx

    THIS ALBUM FLOPPED IT HAVENT EVEN SOLD OVER 300K hahahahhahahahaha gtfoooooooooohh

  • You guys are insane. How are u not on the mmg payroll? This album was terrible. I was actually expecting it to be on the most disappointing list and was surprised when it wasn’t

  • Nah, I can’t rock with this. I been messing with Meek since he was just battling in the streets, and honestly, this album was worse than any of the DC mixtapes.

  • Get Real

    I’ve officially given up on this list. Not only was this album weak, but it wasn’t better than either Dream Chaser mixtape nor the viral footage of songs that did not make the album that Meek put out leading up to the album release. S/o to @jadrianww, I don’t know about the payroll stuff but I definitely co-sign about which list this album belongs on.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The GD’s would run this site better.

  • Word

    Rick Ross KFC covered hands were all over this album. The quality of this album surprised me, and I doubt Meek would’ve done this on his own. You can tell by the beats that Ross handpicked those and told Meek to go to work.

    Don’t get me wrong tho. Meek has the energy to bring it all together. This album was really good and its all because of Ross and his ear for beats combined with Meeks natural energy. There were a lot of great tracks on this album. I threw some away but majority of it is great. If Maybach Curtains or the Intro doesn’t send shivers through you, or if Tony Story didn’t surprise you, then I guess its just not your music. I would’ve even put this HIGHER.

  • TAS

    My Top 10 Album List http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Omar Hameen

    Normally id say fuck you for puttin this wack record on the list but everything sucked in 2012 so this is somewhat accurate



  • Genesis

    I’ve got agree with Zozo… This shit was trash truck juice and everyone knows it…. @Omar Hameen, fuck outta here with that shit, there were a lot of great albums in the year of the apocalypse….. You must have missed them all while being fed all of the mainstream bullshit……

  • HOVA

    This album and 2Chainz album were trash.

  • Ya’ll buggin the album was Ok at best. 5 or 6 outta 10. I honestly can’t believe B.Dot picked this to be one of the best albums of 2012 but Big K.R.I.T. Live From the Underground was picked to be one of the most disappointing. What are the criteria for these list? Did ya’ll even listen to the 2nd half of this joint?

  • Aggie Pride

    Kendrick #1
    SchoolboyQ #2
    Nas #3

  • Unbiased

    Meek Mill’s Debut wasn’t GREAT, but it wasn’t WACK either. It was Solid, tho I expected more. Either way he had bright spots. Both T.I & THE GOAT NAS HAVE PICKED DREANS & NIGHTMARES AMONG THEIR FAVORITE RELEASES IN 2012 along with Kendrick’s. oh, u can continue hating in 3 2 1…….

  • ayyeee

    This album was wack!

  • The Other P

    Meek was so WEAK in Dreamsoncert that I passed on this album, he wasn’t going to get any more $ of mine.

  • Black Shady

    Album was so bad :/

  • Da Business

    Not bad.

  • Nathaniel

    kendrick wont be #1 because b.dot didn’t like it. watch.

  • CJF

    very disappointing album for me, didnt deserve to be in the top 10!

  • nucky thompson


  • Big Homie must have hit the blunt with the shenanigans in it.

    This album is/was wack. DEFINITELY shoulda been in that “Most Disappointing” list. WHAT is the song that we’re excited about again? WHERE is the commercial appeal that would kinda justify the wack music? HOW many times did Meek reference his watch with his one-directional flow? WHO in their right mind could POSSIBLY think….ah fuck it.

    Sorry, but homie drowned under GKMC.

    He ALREADY has a new mixtape bout to drop just months after this weed plate flopped like Shamu!

    Aungh! M-m-m-m-m-m-m-Maybach Music…

  • shun


  • Kendrick came in and crushed the MMG building.
    With all the hype , promotion, Drake feature ETC
    This album was a brick
    music wise, it wasn’t all that. Some typical concepts, ok beats, same old features
    The Intro had me thinking this could be a serious album but then it was just a typical boring
    i’m in the clubs, i’m in the streets, i’m in your girl, i’m in jail , i’m inside & you’re outside looking in MMG album

    Lester Bangs of Hip hop
    I’m not even bothering to comment on 2 Chainz. Dude’s 36 and a rookie. nah

  • ess

    I’d give this one prolly 6/10. Few songs I go back to listen but I can’t let the album play through.

  • BlAzEENsane

    No food and liquor II but this makes ok Elliot
    i hope your payoff is at least 7 figs becuz ur opinion on this culture is in shambles with me for now on youll come back to your senses when a they find a younger and cheaper guy to pay off

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