’12 Best Albums: #8 2 Chainz Based On A T.R.U. Story


Make no mistake, 2 Chainz gets by with a lil help from his friends on his Def Jam debut. Most notably Kanye West (“Birthday Song”) and the YMCMB familia (Lil Wayne on “Yuck”, Drake on “No Lie”, Nicki Minaj “I Luv Dem Strippers”). But although Tity Boi is well connected, my favorite moments on Based On A T.R.U. Story are when he elected to go for self. “Crack” is an essential head-nodder. “Dope Peddler” is punchy and playful and “I’m Different” is the album’s most infectious moment. His approach to rap music is unorthodox but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t rock. Avoiding any pre-release full album leaks, 2 Chainz did it his way and won. Where’s the “Money Machine”?

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  • Gambino

    Before y’all start hating. This was a dope album with some great beats. Don’t hate if you haven’t even listened to it.

  • MMG

    ya good alum too….Ross GOD FORGIVE I DONT TOP 5 Nigga nigga nigga
    Don’t believe me just watch HA!

  • Capricorn Religion

    Okay so, I’ve been debating on whether or not to fuck with this album. Mixtape had some joints but, still. Mainstream 2Chains? Idk so?

    Is it good? Or, just alright?. I’m not expecting A-List Rap shit but, something good when in Shuffle mode on the Pod

  • Kali

    This album was trash,only good song on it was ”No Lie” thanks to Drake.

  • CaliSteppin

    Yall starting to worry me about not having Trouble Man on this list

  • B.London


    This album was garbage and I fucks with 2 Chainz.

    God Damn it…

  • MMG

    @kali dont hate 2 chainz sale more than you favorite rapper

  • Lantern Core

    How do you throw Nikki and Azeila Banks under the bus for lyrics…
    But give praise to 2 Chainz…

    damn…that’s some shit

  • JP

    Hmmmm I guess #8 is good , I bet there gonna have GFID at #1 if not then probly Gkmc


  • Word

    COSIGN @GAMBINO! You beat me to it lol I was gonna say the same thing.

    Before y’all storm in here and start blind hating, because I’m positive a lot of folks didn’t bother with the album because of how you feel about rappers like 2chainz, but this album was pretty solid. Its not the music lyrical album. But the beats and his flow, the quality of some of the music if great. I’d even go so far as put this at #6, right outside the top 5 of GKMC, JESUS, FNL2, LIFE GOOD, and CRUEL.

    Look for Meek Mills album to creep in that top 5 too, or somewhere in the next couple slots.

  • Devante

    Soild album…

  • Truth

    @Gambino Ironically, you, your self had to highlight the beats to justify the main quality of his album. Which tho important, shouldn’t be the focus of the album. The artist should be…I agree every rapper doesn’t have to be conscious or a lyrical gymnast. But…honestly tell me you played this cd an felt you got anything different from what you heard on the radio the year before that? Two Chains is quite frankly a successful Mike Jones…I simply have problems with rapper that can only depend on one approach to get their music across.

  • CJF

    this shouldnt have been in the top 30 let alone top 10, it was dreadful, the beats were good, but the raps were all the same …

  • .

    My Top 10 Album List http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Word

    @Truth I cosigned @Gambino so I’ll touch on ur comment a bit.

    No one is saying 2Chainz is lyrical as you can see, but he does have quotable lines. You can get away with average bars in my opinion as long as you have those two or three lines that wake ppl up. As long as ppl can wall away from you album AT LEAST with a handful of memorable lines, I think you’ve done pretty good.

    This is just my opinion. Furthermore, is it different than anything you hear on the radio? Maybe not for songs like Love them Strippers, but songs like In Town, Ghetto Dreams, etc separate him I think. This was one of the more surprising albums for me.

  • Gambino

    @Truth maybe not the best lyrically but his flow and puns are contagious.

  • …ummm


  • Facts

    “Avoiding any pre-release full album leaks”

    Not true. Got leaked circa a week before it came out just like any other album (no a$ap)

  • Slim Baller

    Good choice this album bangs

  • ronnie coleman


  • Tbones

    SMH @ all the fuck boys and retarded fools in here that remotely think 2 Chains dropped a dope hip hop record. Hip hop is at its most embarrassing moment with clowns like 2 chains, Chief Keff and Trinidad and Tobago getting love. Although music generally has always had throwaway stuff, hip hop right now is d undeniable king of throwaway trash music. An b4 u ignant kids call it evolution, its more like dissolution. Hip hop has dissolved and evolved for the worst.

  • Aggie Pride

    Kendrick #1
    SchoolboyQ #2
    Nas #3

  • GreenBeitz

    only blogger losers block comments…

  • …no.

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