’12 Worst Singles: #1 Driicky Graham “Snapbacks & Tattoos”

From time to time, young rappers think it’s cool to use a fashion trend as the main focal point in their music. And this year, the 21-year-old NC upstart decided to hop on the bandwagon and dropped off his ode to his bodily ink and those hats with the straps. If the annoying loop and the dense hook aren’t bad enough, it’s the simple raps that top it all: “I’m international/Y’all niggas vaginal/I pass through, fresh to death/You’ve now entered swag school”. What a no hit wonder.

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  • Wow !! I actually agree!

  • Jonathan

    People still talk about snap backs and tattoos like its all of a sudden going out of style. Hahaha.

  • Jo Black

    i hated this song… at least you got 3/5 right on the worst list

  • CaliSteppin

    Oh shit I forgot about this son but this shot was AWFUL. Good pick

  • TAS

    wow hahaha this is soooo bad. what an annoying beat! http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • now i can agree with this, this song straight trash

  • Your Father

    Cut backs on snack food, cut backs on snack food.

  • Christian

    oh shit i agree with

  • JustMyOpinion

    “What a no hit wonder.”
    ^ HA

    What made this song even worse was his explanation of how he came up with the song.

  • GermanLuger

    why post it, then? you domb motherfuckers! got a lil $ from the label for it, huh? fuck outta here. germanluger #bangbang

  • GermanLuger

    ohhh shiiiit, just read the headline, lmao!!!!!!! cocaine is a hell of a druuug,,,,#bangbang

  • M.T


  • acidrap

    Another weak ass rap clown down.They just like an epidemic today.So many weak bitches in rap.

  • acidrap

    This fag aint even tatted himself,watch the vid.Just that whiteboy and that redbone.

  • acidrap

    His shit is drawn on,dont even look real

  • Not K Dot

    Wow, worst single…FOH! How soon you forget how popular this song really was. This is one the best singles of the year. Sure, the lyrics are mediocre, but so are the lyrics one your #1 best song of 2012. Big up Driicky Graham. He is pretty much had the hip hop gangam style of 2012. Which is a pretty big deal for a indie artist.

  • trav

    this is the worst single? nah.. jing aling by luda. the lyrics in this song were mediocre at best… but dricky’s got a cool flow.

  • Ken P

    come on big homie you cant be serious. how do yall judge these songs? based of your personal opinion? sales? spins? video views? cuz obviously people liked it…i dont like it but i do like dude rhyme scheme,..how he puts his words together

  • HiphopCoverage realTlk

    Shit was trash yur right

  • mike

    Dude had one tattoo tho

  • Show off ya hats / show off ya tats.
    This is just awful.

  • the brain trust

    Hahahaha. I almost stopped breathing when you called him a ‘no hit wonder’.

    Great choice. Can’t believe this toxic garbage was polluting the airwaves.

  • Merril Owns – Jungle http://youtu.be/5zXw_VDHgQE

  • Joe Momma

    The funny thing about it is that its sounds just like everything that Young Money has put out in the past 5 years.
    Finally this bullshit-ass blog is catching up and getting some taste.

  • EoverC

    Driicky had more multies in this one song than YMCMB had in the past year of discography.
    I guess the subject matter was pretty dumb but that’s what most shit on the radio is anyways.
    Cool flow and a pretty catchy hook.


  • Yeezus Christ

    ^ your a dumbass

  • chicago
  • really 23


  • bishop

    Theres something to be said. But there. Is .more then love more then life putting out fire jumping fences an. They done it all.

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  • Dhurt

    Snapbacks and tattoos went gold, so that means many ppl like the single.

  • Headphonekilla

    Really? Number 1 worst rap single? But it went multi-platinum though? No hit wonder? But he’s had multiple hits since Snapbacks.. Oh and his current single We Up is charting on Billboard.. So how accurate and full of shit are you right now?

  • anonymous

    dumbest opinion I’ve ever heard! whoever wrote this article is an idiot, plain and simple. snap backs and tattoos is a great song that did very well. your opinion is poop so go ahead and flush already!

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  • markd

    I’m just listening to this song now for the first time in years… you know this beat is actually pretty great, buildups and everything, leading up to that hook drop. I think the song actually goes in.