’12 Worst Singles #4: Ca$h Out “Cashin’ Out”

Ca$h Out rode around last spring with two girls named “Nina” and “Keisha” on his breakout single, “Cashin Out”. From its quirky beat, meaningless lyrics and cheesy chorus, the song was tailored made for radio fluff. Although the track earned Ca$h Out a gold plaque, it wasn’t enough for the honeys to stay. “Nina” and “Keisha” haven’t been heard from since.

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    Keisha smokin’ on Keisha

  • Facts

    Came out in November 2011

    You did that with “Same Damn Time” as well

    Consequently, you must also consider TM103 (20-12-2011) in your top albums list

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    Y’all niggas tripping

  • GreenBeitz

    this shit was catchy as fuck at one point and it was whatever one was quoting, but i think i have to agree shit was incomprehensible when it first dropped..lol

  • God

    East coast bias in full effect

  • shun

    whats the difference between bandz to make her dance and this… i don get it… must be politics

  • jobie

    are you kidding me!? in my opinion this is one of the best! hahah oh wow! had so much fun listening to this song! perfect rap radio song

  • XP

    lol @ their “best singles” list
    lol @ meaningless lyrics

    too bad mmg couldn’t get a gold plaque last yr

  • 2 cents

    Didn’t YN interview this nigga on hiS EVr show following the success of this single? and now his site is saying it’s trash? It’s true they only love you when you’re hot. these lists are jokes anyway. idk why people are so pressed over it. it ain’t like it’s the grammys, it’s just the opinion of some bloggers. And their opinion is for sale apparently.

  • whats the deal

    Fuck you man, this shit goes. Cosign what somene else said about bandz a make her dance. It wasnt like Juicy J was saying some shit that was about to make a stripper go do something with her life instead of flash her titties.

  • PolarBearsToenails

    Ay man this song dumb as fuck but I LOVE IT

  • PolarBearsToenails

    And for real you guys tryin Cash Out for “meaningless lyrics” but giving love to Future for Same Damn Time – like he’s not saying some of the dumbest shit on there.

    “Spike Lee need to get that shit on fiiiilllmmm” GTFOH

  • Django

    The worst thing this fool did was name himself after his debut SINGLE…that’d be like Rick Ross naming himself “Hustler” with his debut single “Hustlin”….

  • mrholloway

    What the fuck? Worst single? This nigga B. Dot is hating on the south as usual.

    Just ask yourself the question…Who closed out the 2012 BET Awards?

    Not saying Cash Out is great artist by no means. Just saying that he had one of the hottest songs of the year. And if you play it in any club…people still dance to it.


    Ya this song is obviously not lyrically sound but shit bumps! Who didn’t ride around with that nina last year… Tell me please.

  • come on B. Dot for real. people loved this song, especially in the south. This is what u call a coontastic masterpiece of ratchetness, #guiltypleasure

  • quese

    And bandz make her dance was hott??

  • roxy

    hottest single in the streets last yr… with no features too smh… and that boy got a plaque

  • Joe Lake

    best single! This if what inspired me to move out of the basement. I’m not quite there yet, but this song made me consider it

  • JHP

    Fuck you, you put “Bands A Make Her Dance” as the #1 Best Single, and you put this song on the worst list? I thought putting Birthday Song on this list was stupid too, but a least a little bit more understandable, yall tripping.

  • ZoomZoom



  • Are you serious.. That is one of the hottest club songs in 2012

  • All of rap rader’s list are inconsistent if bands will make her dance is the #1single according to rap rader then cashin out is not one of the worse both song are similar both have catchy hooks both are club records neither song is super lyrical….and why is mercy only #6 on hottest singles black people and white people listen to that song all summer and its about to win a grammy this year

  • Christian

    beat nice…bad song…one hit wonder

  • blvck lvbel

    Passin them birds like Stocktonnnn lol

  • Homie

    btw: Nina and Keisha can be found in every hood

  • acidrap

    Right.One weak ass rap nigga down,lots more to go.

  • Bwarr

    The fact tht plp r actually defending this song is fucking funny

  • Shut down this site. best single of the year

  • this song was hot, yall ppl obviously don’t party..and his new song kiesha is hot too..yall got to learn music is all about what mood your in

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  • zay1873

    all of cash out’s music sucks…I don’t think he ever spit a whole bar on that wack ass song…Somebody shoot that nigga wit the nina lol.

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  • Lil girl

    B. Dot
    Is u mad……..❓OR NAWWWW ❗❗❗