’12 Worst Singles: #2 Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe”

For those brave enough to make it through Roman Reloaded all the way, Nicki took her alter-ego to hideous levels on its final stretch. Although the visual is pleasant on the eyes, make sure you turn the volume down. With a wacky bubble-popping sound and grating chorus plaguing throughout, Roman Zolanski filled this end of 2011-released diss record with lines that’ll even make Kimberly chuckle (” Hey yo, baby bop, fuck you and your EP/Who’s gassin’ this hoe? BP?” ). Uh, who gassed you, ma?

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  • Jo Black

    3d natee >>>>

  • Lenny

    why isnt this #1

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”Hey yo, baby bop, fuck you and your EP/Who’s gassin’ this hoe? BP?”…Wack Lyrics.

  • Its funny when u think about it drake is responsible for almost everyones sucess in 2012

  • swerve

    yeah this is trash… this is dope here tho.. http://bit.ly/10j6PQa

  • Roll Tide

    basically Drake is the YMCMB crutch

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Seeming as how predictable Rap Radar is, I’m just gonna take a wild guess and guess that Ludacris’ “Rest of My Life” is gonna be number one… I could see why that song could be on a worst/disappointing list, but worst than this (“Stupid Hoe”) is asinine!

  • By the way nick shouldnt be able to call herself a rapper after this hideous song…

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    HA! forgot about this train wreck

  • Carlito R

    That’s Nicki’s trademark to always throw out a wack first single and wack first video before putting out the good singles. Remember the Sean Garrett produce single “Massive Attack” that she put out before dropping “Your Love” and “Right Thru Me”? That record was so bad it didn’t even make the final album.

  • M.T

    this was terrible.

  • Deon

    Dissing the queen with a trash track, reminds me of lil wayne’s diss to pusha T which everyone called garbage. Alot of rappers can rap, but can you lyrically body somebody on a track and make a good track all at the same time??? Alot of rappers can’t unless you’re a great entertainer( like Jay-z Nas,Lil Kim,Rick Ross) Truth be Told

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