Meek Mill “Bread Over Bed” Freestyle

While recording material for his upcoming Dreamchasers 3, Meek takes a break inside the lab and kicks a rap exclusively for DJ Scoob Doo’s URL.

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  • Baous

    Meek > cass in all shape, way, form

    We untouchable, nigga

  • JustMyOpinion

    Meek about to be a problem. When you start feeling (read: Beanie Sigel) lyrics. You know a rapper is nice.

  • Beaming

    Meek been on fire… He keep it up hes ganna tear the game up.

  • Facts

    Decent, still a mixtape rapper though. Shout out to Cassidy & the GDs

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ smh

  • aha

    he do have them frog eyes lol he do llok like a gorrila in the face at least cass got him to stop yelling

  • dee

    dick riding cassidy ^^^

  • It’s a stick up

    Meek corny and so is djscoobdoo wit his theiving ass!! Stop it my dude! These dudes funny! Here today gone tomorrow! Cassidy been in the game how u gonna diss the nigga who bought u in the game??? No manners!

  • M.T

    Decent, still a mixtape rapper though. Shout out to Cassidy & the GDs

  • ss

    finally this dude stopped yelling .. ey i swear he has potential if he doesnt yell on every track.


    @Facts is sum SOUR bum azz Cass Fan…..who def doesnt speak FACTS….LOL

  • bruh bruh

    R.I.P Meek Mill, damn, you couldn’t even keep the z in ya name

  • Where is the rap game

    That freestyle should have never even been recorded!!! Scoobydoo played my man on the sneak cuz dat shit was WACK!!! Not a fan of cass etha but meek stop it you too new in the game to be so arrogant when you been 10 yrs in then talk dat talk my man lol at you bums who get a little money TODAY and think you the shit! I wanna see where meek be in 5 Years from today! Anybody can rap today niggas rappin bout ham n cheese these days! I know the o G’s is disgusted!

  • PJ

    Lmao this guy is jus not good man

  • PJ

    This guy just isn’t good