New Music: Curren$y “His & Her Ferraris”


Buckle up. Curren$y and his main squeeze put the pedal to the metal over the Cardiak-produced Rozay hit. Spitta’s new mixtape New Jet City coming soon.

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  • mrfukkyofeelings

    all this niggas songs soUnd the same

  • Devante


  • Safe Dwade


  • Dope. that nigga Spitta the only one putting out quality music on a consistent basis

  • gooo

    my nigga spitta..

  • Oz

    curren$y is dope, but is this guy ever going to drop a solid album, tired of these bread crumb projects he needs to do a solid ALBUM like pilot talk instead of 100 3 song mixtapes a year with quickly forgettable tracks, not because they suck but their repetitive, but that project with ford was dope he could have easily made that into an album with another 6 tracks lazy ass weed heed haha no shots spokesman for weed don’t stop you working quality over quantity peep kendricks game

  • leti

    all of his songs are about the same shit, but majority of them are fucking dope. just as this one..

  • leti

    ‘his & her ferrari’s,she was there when I started, rolled wit me, when I wasn’t sure where I was goin..‘

    Spitta a real nigga for that line.

  • lifer

    Spitta spits game for free.
    you lame niggas don’t understand
    Consistent trend setting lyrics style and beats
    This nigga made millions for WIZ,Stalley ETC.

  • floridaboy

    this pretty good

  • jtm

    Lifer hit the nail on the head

  • Jay

    This better than diced pineapples. Fo Real Doe!!!

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  • about his age.why would i feel like a bum if i was still a stoner at 30? i dont know nigga, maybe bcseuae i have goals of going suit and tie and actually doing something with my life.maybe in 8 more years bud will be more accepted, but as it is right now, its not. im gonna graduate college in may, and i have a good corpo job lined up already. but that shit isnt happening if im smoking swishers like their cigs, feel me?in the real world, the 30+ year old niggas still partying like its junior year of college are fucking bums and losers.but spitta dosnt live in the real world, hes an entertainer. so more power to him. the nigga is living the dream, and im proud of him for that.

  • preme

    this nigga spitta is the best at this shit boi! he the one that opend the doors up for wiz and steally and fuckin terry kennedy wit his fly socity shit he been gettin money from the 504 boyz to ymcmb he left both of the at the top of there game! And had no reacord lable and still stunted on niggas buying lambo and rawries mmmmm can I get a amen? Lol