New Music: Destiny’s Child “Nuclear”

love songs-cover

Produced and co-written by Pharrell, Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle reunite after 8 years on their first recording. The track will be on their upcoming compilation album, Love Songs on January 29. The trio will also perform the track live at Super Bowl XLVII. Peep the trailer for Bey’s HBO documentary after the jump.

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  • The_Insider

    Must be a greatest hits type album if Sony Legacy is releasing it. This joint is coo but I hope the rest of the new joints they throw on there are doper.

    P.S. Bey & Kelly are so fuckin beautiful.

  • Maybe

    These washed up hoes.. to be honest. This aint 2003

  • bry from Boston

    I dont care.. This isnt “rap” radar

  • Therealist

    hahahaha @maybe washed up? anyother r&b women winnin right now? B is CASHIN OUT thats whats she doin!
    Props to Phareal and B seeing the money!!

    broke ass bitchs dont get it lol

  • Im intrigued to see how they do on this recent run, but I’ll always feel somehow about their past songs in the early 2000s. So many females used their music as fuel for their so-so bougie behavior. Days have changed and so has the women, but the damage was done already with the women in urban society.

  • MR.M

    is this rap?

  • Uptown Men
  • Yes this is Hip Hop you idiots, shut the fuck up and stop complaining..

  • bry from Boston

    Wicked prophet you need a reality check.. This is r&b.. Not hiphop

  • reall

    when the last time you heard a good pharrell beat (-____-‘)

  • tucq


    Not 2 diss Pharell, but I feel u. Only certain artists bring out the best in him. I liked what he did with Kendrick Lamar, but b4 that I gotta go back a few years.

    I think people in Europe r really into Pharell and that’s why so many artists use him.

  • the brain trust

    The fuck are you niggas talking about?

    Frank Ocean- Sweet Life, Kendrick- Good Kid, T.I.- Hello, Rick Ross- Presidential, Curren$y- Chasing Paper, Tyga- Lil Homie

    Pharrell NEVER fell off.

    This song goes btw. They still sound great together

  • Ness


  • Uncut

    Beyonce and Destiny’s Child deserves the post on here; this song tho… trash (cause this don’t sound like an urban record). You can tell Michelle Williams had a hand in co-writing

  • Carlito M

    As a huge fan of Pharrell and Beyonce and even Kelly. I have to say I’m extremely DISAPPOINTED! After 8 years this is what they come with??? Come on this at its best is a album filler. Matter of fact this song sounds like an old song they made awhile ago that didn’t make the final cut for their last album.

  • Merril Owns – Jungle

  • IIG

    Is it the best Destiny’s Child song? Maybe not, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the shit Beyonce or Kelly have been putting out on their own. And Pharrell did his thing on the beat. I’ll take some more of this.

  • Did anybody else hear the song? cos this song is dope, dope beat, dope vocals, not sure if michelle’s voice quite fit the bridge, but the whole song is dope…and i’m a hip hop head…music is music

  • Okay, Shareefa has a new video for her slow jam, “Should I Stay”. 4/5 Stars Link: http://www