New Music: Future x Drake “Fo Real”

fo real-cover

Fact: Future’s F.B.G.: The Movie will finally premiere on Sunday. But until it does, Future and Drake bring nothing but the real on its latest leak.


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  • jordan

    1st NIGGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • god

    only checking for drake verse

  • god

    beat is hella wack doe

  • JustMyOpinion

    Can someone explain the difference between T-PAIN & FUTURE? Seriously, they’re the SAME artist. We forgot all about D.O.A and this guy comes out and do the same thing.

  • The beat is so awful.

  • lifer

    BB gun shots @ Pusha
    This song is bad

  • This beat is horrible.

  • whoops

  • I tried to listen, but had to turn it off and cut myself for Bieber as soon as I heard auto-tune.

  • Beaming

    This beat is painful to hear not feeling this one at all

  • M.T

    beat wasnt that good. Future’s rapping is terrible. Drakes Verse tho>>>>>>
    Drake needs to release a new album ASAP.

  • A$VP J-MAC

    Drake stop getting on tracks with these wack niggas -___-

  • iHustle



    I didn’t even listen to the song yet but wanted to comment and say how sad it is that Future is doing songs with Drake when he snubbed him for Tony Montana video.

  • mrfukkyofeelings

    is “the movie” gonna be a mix tape??

  • trae

    drake is that nigga

  • priime dawg


  • mike s

    I’m not going to listen to 3 minutes of struggle bars and painful autotune to hear an 8-bar Drake verse. I’ll admit Future’s voice does work on a couple of songs, but the gimmick is wearing thin quick. Can’t wait for Future to be in the past.

  • Wtf is this? Drake really? I expect alot from u nigga and this aint cutting it nigga

  • big steve

    he needs to get someone like kanye to make all of his beats or he sounds wack as fuck

  • Drakes verse was like 30 seconds…O_o. Future must not be paying full price.

  • Chronic

    Short ass verse from drake but it was nice. Decent song overall.

  • Judge Dredd

    Yeah?? Well fuck Drake, his bitch ass and his menopausal music. Future is wack too….. what’s up with all these fruitcakes and wack niggaz getting record deals?

    I’m nicer than these two son…fucking fuckybergs.

  • ayyeee

    I just need a drake album… sigh* what this nigga doing? I need a hoe to break his heart! #TAKECARE2


    @AAyyyeee….LMAO But dis nigga Drake jus so happy he gets to say the word NIGGA…smh

  • WACK


    @JustmyOpinion first time your right to me.

  • Rozay

    That nigga sound like he Dying

  • GreenBeitz

    actually liked it…

  • gds

    This shit is pure struggle. Beat’s terrible, Future sounds terrible, even Drake’s verse was bad.

  • GreenBeitz

    t-pain could sing though, without autotune..