• smoke daddy

    bout time my nigga trae stop that serial killer whisper flow
    nigga back 2 da original trae shit
    abn gang nigga


    just dropped by to let every rapper know were tired of these fuckin All Gold remix just stfu rap on sumthin else

  • Slim Baller

    LMFAOOO @ “serial killer whisper flow”

    I hate this song and can’t stand it so Idc bout the 17 verse remix

  • MMG

    Everone doin this dumb

  • Uptown Men
  • GreenBeitz

    lollll probably would have been behind the scenes footage by now..

  • http://nub-g.wordpress.com rongreezy

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  • Cruel Thing

    14 verses so are… 3 to go

  • http://merrilowns.blogspot.com Merril Owns

    Merril Owns – Jungle http://youtu.be/5zXw_VDHgQE

  • acidrap

    Nice. Trae always sound good mane.