Rap Radar 2012 Lists Recap


What a week. If you missed it, below is the recap of our annual lists.

10 Best Albums:

#10 Slaughterhouse welcome to:Our House l #9 MMG Self Made 2 l #8 2 Chainz Based On A T.R.U. Story l #7 Meek Mill Dreams & Nightmares l #6 G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Summer l #5 Big Boi Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors l  #4 Rick Ross God Forgives, I Don’t l #3 T.I. Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head l #2 Nas Life Is Good  l #1 Kendrick Lamar good kid m.A.A.d city

5 Underrated Albums:

#5 Ab-Soul Control System l #4 Curren$y The Stoned Immaculate l #3 DJ Khaled Kiss The Ring l #2 Killer Mike R.A.P. Music l #1 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis The Heist

5 Disappointing Albums:

#5 DMX Undisputed l #4 Beanie Sigel This Time l #3 Big K.R.I.T. Live From The Underground l #2 Waka Flocka Triple F Life l #1 Nicki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

5 Worst Albums:

#5 Diggy Unexpected Arrival l #4 Azealia Banks 1991 l #3 Ja Rule PIL 2 l #2 Kreayshawn Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay l #1 Chief Keef Finally Rich

10 Best Mixtapes:

#10 360 Everywhere & Back l #9 Trouble 431 Days l #8 Mac Miller Macadelic l  #7 Fabolous Soul Tape 2 l #6 Big K.R.I.T. 4eva N a Day l #5 Wiz Khalifa Taylor Allderdice l #4 Freddie Gibbs #BFK l #3 Meek Mill Dreamchasers 2 l #2 Big Sean Detroit l #1 Rick Ross Rich Forever

10 Best Singles:

#10 Lupe Fiasco “Bitch Bad” l #9 E-40 Ft. YG, iamSu & Problem “Function” l #8 Future “Same Damn Time” l #7 Meek Mill x Drake “Amen” l #6 G.O.O.D. Music “Mercy” l #5 2 Chainz x Drake “No Lie” l #4 French Montana Ft. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne “Pop That” l #3 Nas “Daughters” l #2 Rick Ross Ft. Drake x French Montana “Stay Schemin” l #1 Juicy J Ft. Lil Wayne x 2 Chainz “Bandz A Make Her Dance

5 Worst Singles:

#5 2 Chainz x Kanye West “Birthday Song” l #4 Ca$h Out “Cashin Out” l #3 LL Cool J “Ratchet” l #2 Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe“ l #1 Driicky Graham “Snapbacks & Tattoos

5 Best Guest Verses:

#5 A$AP Rocky “Hands On The Wheel” l #4 Andre 3000 “Sorry” l #3 Jay-Z “3 Kings” l #2 Big Sean “Burn” l #1 Drake “Stay Schemin

5 Best Beats:

#5 Rico Beats “Exodus 23:1” l #4 Salaam Remi “Queens Story” l #3 Hit-Boy ”Clique” l #2 Mike Will Made It “Bandz A Make Her Dance“ l #1 Young Chop “I Don’t Like

5 Best R&B Albums:

 #5 Brandy Two Eleven l #4 Ne-Yo R.E.D. l #3 The Weeknd Trilogy l #2 Frank Ocean channel ORANGE l #1 Miguel Kaleidoscope Dream

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  • Merril Owns – Jungle http://youtu.be/5zXw_VDHgQE

  • fsl4lfe

    Dedication 4>

  • AYyyy

    Im sorry but Habits and Contradictions should have been on here either in under rated or best album. And Cruel Summer was easily a disappointing album.

  • PolarBearsToenails

    I wanna say you guys fell off with your lists but I think it was just hip-hop in general that fell off

  • Skip Dillenger



  • Slim Baller

    Where’s Lupe & Game’s albums?????????

  • Da Business

    @ the Rap Radar staff…
    No hate here, I’m just wondering if u all would break down ur criteria as it relates to ur lists.
    Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the picks r dead on but, there r a few head scratchers. I guess I’m curious
    on what these lists r based on. [email protected]$ r going to front but, y’all hold weight as far as the web is
    concerned. I’d be the 1st to admit that I’ve went back and checked shit out based on ur end of the yr

    My only beef is that there was no love for Schoolboy Q or Lupe.

  • Dashing

    Yeah, I know you guys get hate every year (and there’s always going to be debate when it comes to lists) but this year was especially bad, ignoring Joey Bada$$, ignoring Gam’e album, Schoolboy Q’s album,not including Andre 3000s Sixteen verse or 2 Chainz Mercy verse among the best guest verses of the year…just not great. a lot of ommissions and wack inclusions.

  • thechronicisback

    Smh how much did rozay or defjam pay you for those whack ass lists? Old ass eliott has mmgs dick in his mouth ha! groupie blogger

  • B.A.G.

    Now… Can we please be done with the lists. I know its good for the sight and all. With all the debating, comments and who’s Right and who’s Wrong. However, people like myself you have been down with y’all from the jump, are missing the hip-hop. In my opinion you guys were a little biased and never stayed neutral. But thats my opinion. Rap Radar is becoming one of my favorite sights for hip hop but we all could of done with a few less lists. Maybe even next time open it up to some kind of Voting Pole were, us, the fans could of had some say so. But For reals keep up the good work. Peace from California

  • Devante

    I think the list is on point.. Except for SlaughterHouse and 2 Chains verse on mercy getting snubbed…

  • T

    the lists are whack

  • mundL

    Underrated albums DJ Khaled and Currensy???? Stop it son. Take It To The Head went Gold, all Hip Hop heads love the track “Hip Hop”, the rest is what it is. Stereotypical mainstream rap songs about nothing basically.

  • jebus

    your mixtape selection was horrible, no 1999? no On The House? No Blue chips?

  • jebus

    2012 was a great year for hip hop and it seems that RR is sleeping on a lot of new talent out there. Only person they co cign nowadays is Officer Ricky and his entourage

  • peteylee

    french montana’s “mac and cheese” was easily a top 10 mixtape of the year yo same with the game’s “jesus piece” but these lists are pretty good for the most part. thanks for sharing!

  • Smh

    Control System shoulda been AT LEAST 3 or 4 on best album list!!!

  • PeaceDunn

    Roc Marciano – Reloaded?!?!?!?!?!?! Should have been in the under rated category easily.

  • PeaceDunn

    Andre 3000’s verse on Sixteen not on this list AT ALL either? You gon tell me his verse on there wasn’t better than “Sorry”?!?!?! Talk about waaaaayyyy overlooked. These lists are killing me. The albums list and worst singles was pretty on point but thats about it.

  • Felton

    completely agree with da business

  • Sneakerhead911

    i missed all that shit i just started

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    Good job you guys, we’re proud. even tho we don’t act like it…..lol

  • bry from Boston

    Rip music was awful this year.. Good summer was such a let down.. I know ill get hate for saying this but 90s early 2000 rap compared to now is a complete fucking joke. Also kanye has gone down sooooo much in quality.

  • TdE

    U had the top number1 right but JP was better then life is good to me and u didnt even put it

  • Peekay

    why doesn’t the #1 underrated make it on the top 10 BEST albums?

  • Rick Ross Tittie

    How U gonna leave Games Album out the top 10 but have mmg & Slaughterhouse on there. Yall stay hatin on that nigga for some reason.

  • NYkiDD

    @Bighomie since @Bdot isn’t answering the JP comments can you homie?

  • ??

    where is Dedication 4.. oh wait, you will get fired.

  • 50 cent

    These lists were horrible i just wonder who is paying for them and how much they are paying for them….

  • Scrilla(MTV’s hottest MC’s in the game, Jeezy in 1st place)

    The fuck wrong with this site? Jeezy-Get Right deserves best single and Its Tha Word best mixtape

  • RipHop

    list was wack. GKMC obviously deserves 1, but 2 shoulda been killer mike’s album, way better than LiG. had better beats, more cohesive sound and he spat fire throughout. there’s not one bad cut on that record, whereas LiG got stinkers like summer on smash, and dated production on a number of em as well. shoulda been top 10, but no way number 2. r.a.p. music owes a lot to el-p, who’s own album was insane as well. ridiculous that he gets no love from hip-hop heads but the rest of the world loves him. el-p (and mike will) owned this year, beat-wise.
    T.I.’s album was duuuull, sounded dated, hip-hop’s supposed to be fresh. no bangers, half assed raping. got bored 4 tracks thru and didn’t even bother listening to what he was saying. only reason this is on here is coz T.I. commercial as hell like this site.
    all the MMG stuff didn’t deserve that much acclaim from you guys either. I hate meek mill but i can tell dreamchasers 2 bumps, even if i don’t listen to it. but his album?! man that guy betrayed his own sound; got no good bars and the production’s generic. could be off any southern dude’s mixtape (messed up that he ain’t even from the south). bad move releasing just after kendrick as well, really shows how amateur meek is in comparison; guy’s got no range and no idea how to craft an actual song (gonna put ‘amen’ and ‘burn’ down to luck). ross’s album was clearly not even close to the quality of his mixtape (it was still good though), the jay-z and dr dre collab was especially disappointing, can’t think of anything i wanna hear less than dre braggin about damn headphones! and finally from MMG; self made vol 2… what the hell was that?! all them tracks sound exactly the same. only good thing about that album’s power circle (which is mainly down to gunplay killing it).
    slaughterhouse was forgettable, VLADR was a disappointment (especially after sir lucious left foot).
    2 chainz’s record and cruel summer are both solid though, stuffed with cuts you wanna drive to, dance to, or bang to.
    this year sucked, bar a few records hopefully 2013′s better. looking good so far, asap’s album sounds great.
    my top 10:
    1. k.dot – good kid, m.a.a.d city
    2. killer mike – r.a.p. music
    3. freddie gibbs – baby face killa (was released without the dj tags as a downloadable album)
    4. schoolboy q – habits and contradictions
    5. el-p – cancer 4 cure
    6. nas – life if good
    7. good music – cruel summer
    8. 2 chainz – based on a t.r.u. story
    9. chief keef – finally rich
    10. rick ross – god forgives, i don’t

  • RipHop

    jesus piece was trash though, can’t see why people shit on rapper like keef, who stick to their lane and do it well (apart from laughing to the bank and 1 or 2 others finally rich is the best shit to switch your brain off to and have some fun), and then go and listen to a dude like game. lame-ass, 30yo+, grown man name dropping like he’s paris hilton, then coming out with half baked concepts like jesus piece. filled with features, no actual sound to the album, only thing that links it together is every song’s got game on it (saying one or 2 words about jesus and then going straight back to talking about other people like a girl and talking about money)

  • AiRmax95

    Bdot took my comment off bitch nigga

  • AiRmax95

    @Riphop your a manFan that likes trash rap so STFU clown Jp was thashit!

  • RipHop

    @AiRmax95 nice one retard, manFan? great joke.
    so why was jesus piece good? was it the concepts? tell me why they weren’t half baked. what was deep or smart about them? he just fronted, saying the record was about his relationship with god as an excuse to throw in some obvious metaphors about the bible with no real meaning behind em. but anyone who writes like you clearly would think a trash album like that was good, and not a derivative, boring, soulless and forgettable record. only reason game’s 1st album was good was coz of 50, and that’s been made obvious from everything he’s released since. guy’s biting everyone’s style, no integrity. and anyone who’s so worried about other rappers, dropping em and dissing em all the time, is obviously insecure, and a little bitch. if a 15yo white girl from orange county put out some rap records i bet they’d sound a bit like a game joint

  • RipHop

    Game being a little bitch:


    and didn’t he used to be a stripper. LOL. smh

  • madgoodmusic.com

  • M.T

    u put Finally Rich on ur list. Anything u have to say is irrelevant.

  • RipHop

    @M.T hahaha, that album bangs. it doesn’t aim high, but it never lies and it always sounds good. it’s a smooth listen and gets a party going. complex rhymes and good lyrics would just get in the way, last thing i want at a party is nas talking about the doubts he has a father or summin. i save that for my headphones.
    enjoying how no one can defend game’s album with any serious thought, everyone’s still stuck on ‘it’s good coz…. it’s good.’ also funny watching people catch feelings about it and throw insults around, lil bitches gettin upset coz someone on the internet doesn’t like a fuckin CD. gay ass shit right there, why don’t you stop being butthurt and talk about the music, you love it so much so you should have a lot to say about it (apart from ‘it’s good just coz)

  • floridaboy

    riphop such a fuckboy

  • RipHop

    people who visit this site are dumb, straight up. no one talks about music, they just throw insults over the internet. think anyone gives a fuck what a dude calling himself floridaboy says to a dude calling himself RipHop? people are here for music you loser. you shouldn’t even care so fuckin much, sound like an actual fuckboy, go get laid or make some money if you ain’t got anything interesting to write

  • AiRmax95

    @M.T lmao so right my nigga…..this bitch boy –>@Riphop life is irrelevant lol Jesus Piece is art. The lyrics and production are Dope but dont be mad at a MAN FAN like MR riphop he got a Rip in his booty gay boy! GET OFF GAMES DICK U BLOG STALKER that man is to complex for your vocabulary u uneducated keef lover lol

  • Q


  • chicago
  • @ReflexAfrika

    How you gonna make a top ten list and not have Lupe’s album on there smmfh..otherwise the lists are decent and pretty accurate though..

  • Da Business

    @ the Rap Radar staff…

    No hate here, I’m just wondering if u all would break down ur criteria as it relates to ur lists.

    Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the picks r dead on but, there r a few head scratchers. I guess I’m curious

    on what these lists r based on. [email protected]$ r going to front but, y’all hold weight as far as the web is

    concerned. I’d be the 1st to admit that I’ve went back and checked shit out based on ur end of the yr


  • PaperTags

    so cruel summer was better than 2 chainz and meek mill? Kreayshawn was better than Chief Kief? LOL this a joke. Week nigga shit. Dick riders.

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  • floridaboy

    @ riphop you got no life sendin longass shit RIGHT AFTER i sent it, you definitely a virgin lmao

  • RipHop

    believe it or not, educated people can write quickly. took me a minute outta my day to knock you around

    still shocked by the idiocy on this site though, no one’s got shit to say about music; ‘game’s album’s art’? ‘you a virgin lmao’? that ain’t discussion, that’s just your shitty ego on the music you listen to. some gay shit right there, getting emotional about some dude who raps, think you were either related or fucking him. this site’s comments section gives hip-hop fans a bad name. embarrassed to say i’m a black man after reading this shit

  • RipHop

    no point in trying to talk about the music. man can talk about production, the rhymes, etc. and all you get back are retards talking shit and thinking it’s funny to call people gay; go back to school nigga, 10yo’s still think that’s funny as well