• Darkwing

    Very well said, ” Pro People ” not pro government , I respect this guy so much more now !!! Way to go Big

  • JustMyOpinion

    “Be original, its all about originality. The best thing you can do is stand apart form the crowd and you’ll get notice quicker that way.”

    ^ SO….how come EVERY rap song sounds compile of the same formula? 1st verse: makes no sense, repetitive hook, second verse makes no sense.

    Just asking, nothing against Big Boi. OUTKAST fan.

  • fsl4lfe

    Good for Antwan. Nice well-spoken interview and actually has an intelligent view on politics. I wish more people didn’t vote base on skin color.

  • Cruel Thing

    Thank you, I actually agree with a rapper on the majority of stuff.

  • zezzoi

    why does this dude wear sunglasses indoors in every interview? shits lame

  • the brain trust

    Shoutout to Big Boi for actually being aware of 3rd parties candidates & not simply voting for the abysmal Obama on account of race.

    However, he needs to do more research into Gary Johnson. For one, he is very much in favour of big banks raking in enormous profits while defrauding investors (as he opposes strict govt regulation of the financial sector).

    Also, his ‘pro-freedom’ mantra does not include the internet as he would support ISPs charging different users different rates & restricting the websites we are allowed to visit.

    He is also incredibly weak on campaign finance reform (i.e. there will be a continued collaboration between business & govt in order to benefit the 1%)

    ‘Pro-people’ is a meaningless message as it tells us nothing about key policy positions.

    Overall, Gary Johnson is great on most issues, but terrible on some fundamental ones.

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