• cassidys dad


  • jinx

    I like this

  • Stop dickriding

    Yea, this is pretty tight

  • Chris

    Anyone know if this is an original Jahlil beat or did he just jack someone else’s instrumental?


    I f*cks with this jawn! He kept it real. You got to stay on your job.

  • Jay

    Cass just not grimy how he use to be. I’m not feeling this positive cassisdy. That’s not how he made his name. Bring that raw hip hop back.

  • Nein6x

    lol wait so jahlil playing both sides…. not even mad lol

  • Cruel Thing

    See, if it isn’t a diss song or reference towards Meek Mill, no one gives a shit about Cassidy. He’s just milking the shit out of this “beef”.

  • Black Shady

    this is banging

  • jrose

    a track with meaning lyrics substance… damn dope song keeping it real unlike these industry dick riding squares

  • Slim Baller

    Wait pause jahlil is Meeks boi? So what is this back stabbing move lol? First time I’ve heard Cassidy rap on a half decent beat. But he still blows. I’m from Philly and man I hate cassidy

  • damn

    this was dope cass making a come back

  • poetic assasin

    A producer has to eat, if I was a producer I wouldnt care who is beefing with who – you have the money here is the beat.


  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    sounds good to me, now jsut if he could make a diss track on an instrumental like this

  • the One

    Say what you want but this guy is about to cake up again… and get the other one he likes!

  • Uncut


  • Slim Baller

    LMAO this guy ugly as fuck. Lol at the buzz Cassidy is getting he might pull a 2 chainz on us

  • Clover

    Another one I like… Lets go Cass!!!!

  • Why So Serious

    Lmfao. Cass is a smart ass mothafucka tho.

  • ss

    very dope.

  • Concrete Rose

    The hook is pretty much an interpolation of “I’m a Hustler” chorus. Was the track really producedby Jajlil Beats?!? I hope Cassidy jacked the beat. Otherwise, I don’t understand why Jahlil would do that right now when the Cassidy/Meek feud is still so fresh.

    Anyway, good beat. Lyrical is ok, comes across preachy a little bit and cheesy. I guess he’s using the Meek situation to make a comeback.

  • M.T

    dope! lol @ jahlil producing this tho.

  • jay

    this song is dope! and positive rap is NEEDED. nobody can argue that he’s nice. but unfortunately, i bet you ppl will not listen to the new Cass because he’s on the positive tip and not talking about disrespectin chicks, makin it rain, and all that other stuff that is actually very counterproductive and won’t help us move forward as a people.smh




    This song is very dope. Has a great message, is jumping, and delivers good lyrics versatility. GJ Cass!

  • eiht

    this is dope! da hustla!

  • Don

    Cass is fat now he looks like 40glocc now ha

  • joey

    I dont know bout yall but i thought this wuz dope!

  • ECU


  • This is dope. Cass, slim down, stay off the carbs for a month and take the gamE over! Trsut me, image is everything. Go and take back the game!!!!1

    And stay on these kinda beats!

  • the Kid

    the boy Cass went in

  • lifer

    this shit slap. beat and lyrics dope. luv

  • Yeezus Christ

    this sounds like 30+ jahlil beats………….

  • dll32

    dope track. smart move cuz’ everybody can relate to this

  • Hard

    cant even front this track is hard. def 1 for the ipod. keep it up

  • Say It Ain’t So

    Jahlil Beats is saying on twitter Cass bought the beat a while ago before the beef.

    Whatever the track is nice.

  • ?uest.


  • kayandgee

    meek woulda merked that beat

  • onenutned

    shit was real wit a bangin beat…go head cass.

  • 9th wonder

    CASS BACK!!! Dont care what got him spitting like this again but the boy sound good on this #RESPECT

  • Jay

    That “I want a 2014 line was tought”

  • 74414

    JAHLIL BEATS????????????? what the f..

  • Premo

    What’s so special about this beat? It’s so Casio.

  • forrealtho

    Song’s alright, but Cass’ music doesn’t stand out to me. Beat knocks but I would rather hear 10+ other rappers on this instead

  • jeezy

    Nice track

  • chillsthrill

    good joint some good content,,,can relate to it,,,,i got a benz but i see another one i like,,,lolol

  • Anon DCPL

    This is dope…don’t know what these other fuck boys hearing.

  • Ya’ll tripping, this got that “Im’a Hustla” feel to it, but more positive. Cass is at his best when he got a track with that bounce to it

  • room2roam


  • Royaltyofthisshyt!