• It’s the roc

    2013…the year that everyone becomes a rapper. There is virtually no separation between rappers and everybody else now, hell, this song is better than cashin out.

    CNNs Larry King to drop a mixtape in the summer tentatively titled “Live”. But it’ll probably get pushed back. Ha

  • Say It Ain’t So

    Fed up with hearing this sort of music from R&B acts

  • Facts

    Mike Will is the first producer since the Lil Jon / Scott Storch / Timbaland era, who made himself a name in Hip-Hop and made it to the Billboard Charts (Rihanna/Ciara/Wayne,…) WITHOUT selling out but staying true to his roots… respect the grind

    I’m curious what’s yet to come from him… He is very superior to all this Lex Luger stuff etc that we had

  • Evil

    Terrible song but Ciara can be my bitch any day.

  • Salute A Nigga ‘Fo I Shoot A Nigga

    Beat is hard, but the song is ass trash cheeks

  • malikastr8

    this is wack,Ciara find a college to enroll in and get a degree.Thanks.

  • RB

    chief keef on the remix

  • JHP

    I love Ciara but this song is not good at all. I liked that “Sorry” song but it didn’t become a big hit or anything. Some artists just can’t successfully adapt to the next generation of music. Her style of music worked like magic about a decade ago, but she just hasn’t evolved as an artist since then. I hate to say it, but she might be better off modeling or pursing a more intimate career with her dancing at this point.

  • priime dawg

    song is ass

  • damn

    damn this beat is fucking hard but ciara just sucks i hope some rappers remix this beat though

  • M.T

    this is wack

  • v.s.

    ayo…. did ciara really just try to do a mike will beat like rihanna did on pour it up… please tell me im not the only one whos seeing this

  • zeee

    rhiana already did this

  • dll32

    @v.s. concur!

  • Your Father

    Man, Ciara is so out of touch.
    Nothing she seems to try work and when it’s decent it’s always conventional R&B slow cuts.
    She should stop.

  • michelle michelle

    not good

  • chillthrill


  • mkeith816

    is it me or does ciara look like a tranny? bitch been ugly… i think u niggas just like her cause she light skinned i suppose… bitch is fried lmao