New Music: Future “Mark McGwire”

fo real-cover

Future’s F.B.G.: The Movie is now dropping Tuesday, but DJ Drama provides a lil steroids with the tape’s latest leak. Watch its latest visual “Whip Game” here.

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  • Chronic

    That song with drake was bearable…but this shit is garbage.

  • thats a tuff ass cover.

  • GreenBeitz

    nuh uh to this one..

  • County of Kings

    2013 no more songs wit some random nigga name as the title. I don’t even push play on those ever

  • fsl4lfe

    Disgrace to Hip-Hop

  • yamomsthinkhighlyofme

    lmao this nigga said i give her mad dick like im from n.y.c. funniest shit i heard all year

  • 11

    this goes hard

  • the1

    TRASH!!! rapradar need to start telling major niggaz “FUCK OUTTA HERE….. NEXT!!!!”

  • acidrap

    How did this fag get signed? I mean was he like an industry nigga,you know like getting drinks for people n shit?thats how half these rappers are in the game cause they was a lapdog for niggas for years till they got that chance.This weak muthafucka cant possibly have people waitin on music from him