Twista “Swagga Like A Dope Boy” In The Lab

Inside the studio, Twista lets the cameras roll as he gives an in-studio performance of a track off his upcoming Dark Horse album.


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  • Slim Baller

    Hahaha what?

  • The_Insider

    This the bullshit im talkin about. This nigga how old talkin bout “Swagger Like A Dope Boy”? I use to fuck w/ Twista heavy but he’s like all those other has been rappers that aren’t able to become real artists whose art reflects maybe not their literal life but at least show some sort of growth creatively.

  • abdur razzaq

    twista back …..

  • acidrap

    Reason why Twista seem like he fell off is cause he got NO ear for beats.His best shit is always w traxsta yet he insists w workin with all these other weak ass beatmakers.This shit sound aight though. He’ll still kill 90% of these rappers anyway