New Mixtape: Juelz Santana God Will’n

god will'n-cover

Ay! Juelz makes his official return with his brand new mixtape, God Will’n. Guests include Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones and more. Tracklist and download after the jump.

god willin-back

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  • Devante

    No Cam?

  • Batman

    hes back!!!

  • Lostprodigy

    Long hiatus lets hope he shows a little growth are will it be the same nursery rhyme flow that made for great YouTube parodies aye!!

  • IM730

    AY! I will check this out. I use to bump from me to you.

  • Scrilla(MTV’s hottest MC’s in the game, Jeezy in 1st place)


  • Joe Lake

    Hehehehe. we reject your deposit

  • Lostprodigy

    Btw this guy has been threw some shit legal issues, the dipset break up or reunion whatever. great artist insect that into their art yeah this is a mixtape and he may be saving that for the album but if this doesn’t generate enough buzz ppl won’t care bout that album lets see if juelz is ready to capitalize on his timing while he has our attention *presses play

  • IamRealTalk – 5☆General of MKW –




  • ANTONY22987

    one good song lmaooo
    (THIS IS NOT FAKE ITS REAL) Get $250 For A Pair Of Jordans

  • JustMyOpinion

    Alright, Juelz don’t let tho momentum fade. Be consistent.

  • Wasn’t feeling it .

    More of that 808 MMG sound that everyone else is doing. Boring.
    Juelz is still a talented guy, but he needs to put out more music to hone his craft. Arrogant of him to just show up and drop a whole mixtape thinking everyone would feel it. Do some features first, get a feel for the game, it’s not 2003 anymore people!

    On a different note, Lloyd Banks has really been killing it recently. Did his thing on this mixtape and check out his verse on Joe Budden’s new album coming out.

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Challenge yourself & the audience will go with you.
    Same old sound

  • Black Shady

    okay. kinda disappointed with what im listening to. hmmmmm c’mon Juelz. 7 years and thats what we get?

  • Uncut

    He def still got it and you can tell people are rooting for him as I am. Mixtape is good, but expected better only cause he been gone soo long.

    Good start, he just needs to be consistent and stay in the public eye and he’s good. The joint w/ Future seems like the best joint for a potential radio single off first listen

  • Reblogged this on BlackMarket TV and commented:
    for all you Juelz santana fan…. Here’s ihis new Mixtape!!!

  • the finishline

    3.75/5 stars on first listen. Santana still got some spit in him, all he gotta do is work now cause he talented but it ain’t ’04 no more gotta gain some new generation fans

  • wdd

    So many punchlines in one tape!!

  • Juke me



    One thing is certain in 7 years Juelz caught up on his television viewing from the” Last Dragon” intro to the hood favorite Scarface on track 3 “Bad Guys” its obvious that his flow is still somewhat intact however with no introspective songs fans are still left to wonder who is Juelz Santana and what is it exactly that god is willing to do songs where he attempts to do this “My Will” falls flat Sometimes its better to let the hook breathe “nobody knows” would have been good without juelz adlibs…i’m starting to think NY rappers are scared to be NY rappers ((never thought i’d say that)) this sounds like Juelz went South Paw and stayed there AYE!!! MY RATING….WILL FORGET I DOWNLOADED THIS IN A FEW DAYS PLAYBACK VALUE SLIM TO NONE.

  • Anon DCPL

    Tuesday, January 15 2013 at 12:17 AM EST

    i’m starting to think NY rappers are scared to be NY rappers


    Couldn’t fucking agree more. I’d say Joey Badass & Banks still hold it down.

  • Pridd <~~~~~~~~~ "Countin All this $$" ft. Santana NY Stand Up

  • Mike Jones??

    This tape is FIRE!!!!!!!!!!! JUELS did the damn thing.

  • Me

    Santana’s Back! Aye!!!

  • the One

    Where is Chuck D’s new track?

  • Sudija

    no dipset 🙁

  • mike

    it’s free. Now lets get a dipset reunion

  • 85

    …anything to get a new Lloyd Banks verse …

    pow pow ! ..

  • jess

    Mixtape delivered the typical and predictable trap beats, punchlines reminded me of lil wayne dedication 4 style, content the usual money, cars, hoes, surprised i didn’t hear a molly reference

  • Q

    Idk about this

  • Say It Ain’t So

    Don’t really like this. To predictable.

  • RealHipHopBack

    Shut up with all that banks talk. Y’all know damn well banks kept that New York style and no one supports him. What happened to that last single “jackpot”? If Juelz wants some money and hops on trap beats so be it. He’s a human with bills to pay too.

  • Redhot

    i fucks with thismixtape stop hating on juelz

  • Reblogged this on rebelseason and commented:
    Get ready for the return of Juelz Santana. Being gone for 7 years we’ll see what the Dipset artist has in store for us with his God Will’n mixtape. Ayeee


    this a good comeback start for juelz, i wasnt expecting any lyrical acrobatics ala kendrick lamar or whoever,its only a mixtape afterall, he now just needs to keep his name up there and when its album time drop a hot single or 3 and keep the rest raw. he will be ok. good shit

  • GreenBeitz


  • The original lucci

    2.5 out of 5. No stand out bars or songs 1 or two album worthy songs on there!! But ay Santana’s back it’s wat the games been missing yah digg

  • C-zar

    Borring and washed up hooks. Hyped up flop. Mediocre comercial rap. Deleted after 1 listening.

  • PoeticFire28

    “pockets fat lifes precious/get it? pockets fat lifes precious/forever livin young still wreckless/”

    haaa happy juelz santana is back been years waiting for this guy… AYYYEEE!

  • number2fan

    this is my top 5 tapes of all time. you hater get the fuck out! mixtape of the year. should be an album

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