New Music: Joey Bada$$ “Unorthodox”


“Won’t sign to no major if no wager, less than a $3 million offer off the top.”

Joey takes one small step for New York and one giant leap for planet Brooklyn on this new cut debuted and produced by DJ Premier. According to AO, the track will be officially released on Monday.

UPDATE: Final version.

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  • GreenBeitz

    dj premier always comes correct..

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    One of the most promising MCs hip-hop heard in a long time. Why would he sign to a major? If you sign to a major in 2013 you took a L.

    • B.Dot

      I’m not anti-major. I think they can put you in places that you cant as an indie.

  • Long way doe

    B Dot I hear what your saying, def a bigger machine behind your brand. But at what cost though, once you do get to a major they tend to water down your sound. I feel like once the artist stops going to these majors us as fans will have more say in what gets played instead of these machined dictating to us what’s hot through radio and other forms of media

  • Long way doe


  • Kaiser

    it’s so good to hear a Preem beat these days…

  • Slim Baller

    Ehh. This guy is dope but i don’t like his beats

  • The Hip-Hop Fiend person clearly doesnt know what hes talking about.
    The song is ok

  • ss

    very dope!


    i like this song, he still growing, not bad though

  • B.A.G.

    Easily Has the potential to be one of the greatest ever… Earl Sweatshirt and Joey Bada$$ got next. Real Hip Hop shit

  • Gyp Rosetti

    Shit was weak

  • Green Goblin

    @ Slim Baller

    because you have shitty taste. nigga

  • yoooo

    unbelievable artist, his 1999 tape was one of the best of 2012, he and his pro era crew have huge futures ahead of them!


    ^^^^^ EXACTLY WHAT B.A.G SAID, huge potential

  • Austin


  • bada$$

    Joey got mad skills, hope he keeps it real and stays with his own sound, would love him to sign to the ROC, Just imagine him, cole, jay elect and hov (ooooooh SHIIIIIIIITTT)

  • Ryan

    Joey has bars… This isn’t “weak” by any means. He still has a long way to go

    • B.Dot

      I agree @Ryan. I think the Nas comparisons are ridiculous, but he has potential with the right people in his corner. ie: Premier


    haven’t stopped listening to his pro era tape, that joint with steez ‘like water’ is incredible. hope he moves on to bigger and better things this year, he sure has a fan in me

  • jeremykyle

    loved this

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @Siy Ight nigga let a artist like Joey BadA$$ sign to a major and watch his album sit on the shelf or not get the proper promotion. Mac Miller wouldnt have sold any more albums if he was on a major. Its very rare for a new artist to get a good deal and not get raped.

  • Sickzy

    Did u just say Hov ,jay elect,jcole n joe nah Rocnation ain’t having too much non selling artist on their roster! Have u heard of rihanna?,rita ora?
    I think if Hov gonna push another artist it has to be commercially viable which Joey ain’t sorry, he’s from Brooklyn n can rhyme but that’s all! but Hov is unpredictable who knows he signed jay elect n still yet to hear a record you know why? He’s not commercially viable and that’s really all that counts into days music biz,wonder why Lil b is still signed to worldstarhiphop records?exactly!

  • hova’sbaby

    when i found this guys music last year it took me a minute to appreciate his potential, but now i see huge things for this kid, mad mic skills for a 17 yo

  • Sickzy

    He ain’t even 17 ! Don’t believe the hype ! I went to school with Joey ! Sheep so easily fooled smdh!

  • bada$$

    @Sickzy i hear you bro, its undeniable how much talent the kid has, but i guess your right, his sound is far from commercial in todays industry, but a co sign from somebody like Hov can only do him a favor.

  • B.A.G.


  • Redhot


  • Respect

    Hes nice, but needs to work on his flow

  • Stop dickriding

    Nobody on this post knows what they’re talking about. Joey BadA$$ is dope af. If Hov signs him, he will drop an album and it will be just as commercially viable as GKMC. The difference between Joey , And Jay Electronica and J. Cole….is that Joey has already built his own network. His youth, He’s looks cool, and He has artists and producers and media machines in his corner that J. Cole did not have before his deal and Jay Electronica still doesnt have enough. Plus Roc Nation does a whole bunch of artist momentum and development. Part of the reason J. Cole got that 500,000 is because they threw that nigga on tour with Drake and Rihanna. Rita Ora, the threw her on tour with Coldplay and Frank Ocean. It’s simple. Jay can make Joey BadA$$ his flagship rapper cuz J. Cole isnt cool and Jay Elect is too old. Plain and simple. And major labels are never going away because they have the money, if you offer a nigga $3mil, top notch producers, media apperances, best features,mass distribution etc…..that’s a lot more appealing than 50,000, the best up and coming niggas with little exposure for features, a few blog posts, itunes, and a few no name producers.

  • Stop dickriding

    AND HE PROBABLY IS ALREADY SIGNED WITH JAY, they just might be waiting to announce it until he’s getting ready to drop a new project.

  • Merril Owns – Jungle

  • Faz

    Big L BACK !

  • illmaticp

    Joey Bada$$ can be compared to Big L, Nas, and JayZ with his wordplay, and it doesn’t hurt that in 2013, he’s got that 90’s hip hop feel.

    Not sure how the whole crew sounds, but the world will find out soon enough.
    I’m not making this guy out to be the next messiah, but he could be, with the right choices.

    I just love the boom bap sound, that he’s bringing now.


  • illmaticp

    @Faz You are right, BIG L is back.

    Joey Bada$$’es situation reminds me of how Big L was getting offers from labels.
    His unfortunate passing, came at the wrong time in his life. RIP BIG L

  • HB

    this kids definitely got it. i also agree that he should be signed to Rocnation. Jay has the most diverse label in the game.

  • B.Dot

    Now ya’ll comparing to BIg L?! *throws hands in air* stoooop

  • T

    theres somthing missing

    hes not finishing his flow

    …….average bars

  • T

    i think they made this to annoy the real heads

    step ur bars up

    the slurs were cool

    this was close

  • T

    thought the scratches wrecked it

  • T


  • Big T

    J cole was just as promising and his mixtapes where great. With his major label debut he was doing his best Paula Abdul impression.

  • T


  • T



  • james

    He ain’t Big L…L had punchlines that would make u stop and rewind the track

  • its the roc

    haha, i’m tempted to compare him to Jay Z so B.Dot completely loses it.

    the kid is crazy nice, naturally nicer than most, he has that IT factor as a lyricist.

  • skooda chose> any new artist out

  • priime dawg

    this shit is jiggy

  • brokeisadisease

    Name 1 hot line in this joint that makes dudes consider him a quote un-quote lyricist bc I didn’t hear it. Who has the nerve to compare this kid to Big L and Hov? You gotta be shittin me. Hip Hop dead as fuck if this is lyricism. I mean technically he was rhyming his words but you can’t tell me he was spittin crack right here. And that beat hot as fuck how could you not kill it?

    I be trying so hard to like some of the new rappers coming out these but this shit don’t move me at all.

  • Da Truthhhhh

    its ok

  • It’s the roc

    @ brokeisadisease

    The fact you are looking for lines means its already above your pay grade. Kid is straight talking to you, not just reciting punchlines. You must not have gotten Reasonable Doubt either.


    He reminds me of kendrick in a way because he does not flow with the beat. Joey needs to switch up his flow to match the beat.

  • BlackDivine

    damn,been sleepin on this dude,now i gotta check his old stuff.
    thought he was a new age cornball like ASAP so never listened.
    shit is dope,and umm he is on beat ^^

  • ariela

    joey badass is not commercially attractive for a major label…lets look at drake, 50cent, biggie, now biggie was ugly as fuck but that nigga had the confidence and bars u gotta have an it factor when you are a male artist women have to want to fuck you all though drake and wayne are gay women still wanna fuck them. Joey better stay indie for life and there is no such thing as a good record deal..lmao ask those artists from bad boy..even kendrick doesnt have commercial appeal yall forget women still buy records how do u think adele and t swift keep coming up the charts drakes fans are 85% women

  • Realniggashit

    The reason why nigga don’t give it because everybody wants to rap most of the people hating either rap or they boy rap. Joey is that dude point blank.

  • JP

    90s back?

  • Wil o

    Get 1 million free mixtape downloads before you ask for 3 mill…. Please? Get real young buck…

  • That right there boys and girls…is hip hop.
    BeastCoast is on the rise.
    K.Dot got the west back on.
    The future looks bright.


    Fuego you FAKKITS!!

  • Jay Jones

    I like it…in the 90s it would be good/ok but not amazing…the track from mc eiht with premier a few years back is better…

  • dopeness

    i like that b dot thinks he has to clarify he down for majors hahahz u da biggest major cock ryda in the game b

  • Its Not His Lyrics That remind Me Of Lamont Coleman, But his Attitude, Looks And Something I cannot Really Describe, Rest In peace L,There Will Never Be Another, But Joey Badass Got that Eerie Big L Spirit Over Him…. WORD

  • productofme

    Joey would have been a great Duckdown artist in the 90’s. Sadly he won’t get any spins or sales out of Duckdown today. Still curious to see if he can make a “radio” record. Not that he should have to, but if he can’t make a commercial hit, he should stay indie and eat off his show money

  • Berserk

    lets just say he’s joey bada$$ with no comparisons… he’s new and improving.. maybe when he’s 3-4 albums done, then the compairsons should start…
    but gotta admit, he’s got a good buzz goin! how many young artists get to work with premo so early?

  • Tough!
    more BOOM BAP!

    Terrible mix tho. I hope to “official” single has a better mix & expect it to.

    I agree with B. Dot tho.
    Comparisons to BIG L/ Nas is crazy!

    This generation is always calling every album a “classic” before it came out! Back in the day , someone would say “I copped the new Wu album (for ex)” & you would ask “how was it” . The reply was usually positive and you would say “yea, I gotta get that”.

    I dig Joey though! Kid’s been doing good things for a minute now.

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Boom Bap

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  • Ryan

    Bangs bangs bangs. Joey doin his thing

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this is lame wheres my chief keef music at

  • Aubrey Graham

    Preemo is king but not really feeling the beat hardbody. Joey went in though.

  • HK

    Real hip hop.

  • HK

    …dope cover art

  • Zap

    Pretty boring

  • Esco

    @it’s the roc
    you couldnt have said it any better, some of you are really forgetting this dude only 17, hes not even close to reaching his potential yet. Dude is a problem

  • Nathaniel

    he kind of reminds me of a 95-96 In My Lifetime on the horizons era Jay-Z with different subject matter. especially the way Jay used to kind of deepen his voice when he spit.

    that said, he could fit right in that era. i don’t think there’s a real “place” for this style in 2013. it definitely ain’t progressive.

    and premier hasn’t grown as a hip hop producer since that era either.

  • Nathaniel

    that jay comparison was only style related. he definitely isn’t touching that era jay in the wit wordplay or introspection category. one thing, to me, that disqualifies niggas that rap like this is the fact that they never really have a subject. the thing that kept jay breathing all these years is he just talked about exactly what his life was like. from every aspect. it’s lazy to just throw on a title like “unorthodox” and just rap rap rap over a 2 bar premier loop.

    make a nigga wanna throw on a bubble goose, call up my mans n them, my duns, throw on The Infamous, hit sauce money on the pager, then go kick it in a Lou diamonds session with the chef… god.

  • Nathaniel

    he got crazy potential though. young ass nigga might be incredible by the age of 21 or 22. he needs a good mentor.