New Music: Rich Boy x Hemi “Break The Pot”

break the pot-cover

Rich Boy’s Back To Class mixtape was supposed to drop on New Year’s Eve. But since that didn’t go over as planned, here’s his latest leak courtesy of The Fader.

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  • Typo

    it’s Hemi not Remi it’s on the art work.

  • wtfmynamechanged

    Too bad skinny jean fags don’t like this shit either.. God I hate the new fans of rap.. I dont think old heads who dug 96-97 rap were that turned off by the g-unit revolution around 2002-2004.. Why do the new kids have to like such gay shit? This is so much better than TYGA or any YMCMB fag for that matter.. Better than any of that odd future gimmick shit.. This is what good music strives to sound like..dont get me wrong good music is still ok.. BUt its style has been over played.. This dude constantly changes but keeps subject matter straight.. No gay shit about kim K.. No shit dissing the fag lil wayne.. No shit singing about missed girls.. Not trying to get that shock value ala early eminem and the over the top and stupid sounding tyler the fucktard..

  • JAY


  • dll32


  • Reginald