New Video: Juelz Santana x Lil Reese “Bodies”

Getting the wheels in motion for his mixtape, Juelz Santana and Lil Reese roll through with their brand new video. Juelz Santana’s God Will’n drops tonight. Whooa!


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  • mike

    The dipset reunion was a hoax

  • Say It Ain’t So

    I ain’t feeling the new Juelz. I prefer the old one who represented NY.

  • Joe Lake

    (sarcasm) this is exactly what the games been missing(sarcasm)

  • Devante

    Is that tape still dropping today?

  • eiht

    we need that dipset juelz back.. fuck those trap beats! some of them are good but….hope god willn has some soul sample beats!

  • mac DIESEL



  • dave

    oh wow hes actually dropping a project.this can’t be life.

  • Black Shady

    This is….so bad….god

    Juelz…what happened fam???? imma stick to the From Me 2 U/Diplomatic Immunity Juelz shit. this new shit aint for me. Hope the rest of the tape dropping later gonna be better than this joint…

  • it’s the roc

    so lil reese is a legit feature these days? man…

  • Anon DCPL

    Damn Juelz, fuck happen to you? Same old generic trap sound.

    This shit is basura homie.

  • lol waaaaack

  • D G

    Whats the difference between this and “US” by lil reese. beat the same, flow the same, chorus almost exactly the same, cadence the same. ppl playing it way too safe these days

  • …..

    Lmaooo not one single good comment I’m crying

  • Pridd

    YouTube “Pridd”………… They def took a couple of my bars n tried to switch them up

  • Pridd <~~~~~~~ that's the link

  • franky noodles


  • da realest

    i waited 8 years for this bullshit
    this is some real wack,lame shit

  • Joe Lake

    Haha, Juelz is so out of touch, he probably thinks he’s feeding the streets with this backward, regressive shit. Listen to your conscience Laron, ” AYE!”

  • yaboy

    As a Juelz fan that was straight GARBAGE!

  • GreenThumb

    GarB!…JueLz thAt TraP’ MuSic dOnt fIT chU’ mY NigG’….