its pretty clear big boi is just jumping on them, no confusions there. but they do need to get back together and make that outkast music man!

  • Showboat

    Big Boi : PLEASE ANDRE. . . . I NEED YOU!!!!

  • Darkwing

    Nigga please ! That shit riding , Big Boi got 2 classic albums under his belt , Dre sound like a bitch

  • TheTruth

    Damnit Andre.. Why do you have to be so strange? Just make music for the fans and quit acting doo doo. Everyone already knows it wasn’t Outkast. Can’t we just wish for a fucking day that it was? Can’t a mother fucker live? Jesus fucking christ. Make music. Shit. AHHHHHHH! What did Erykah’s bag do to you?

  • TheTruth

    Bag was suppose to be vag… Sorry typo.

  • naaah

    yo.. badu fucked up everbody cept for common…. Look at Jay Electronica’s ass….

  • micah

    This nigga smh he can speak on what it isn’t but can’t speak on what it is? We can get apologies “supposedly” thru music but cant get a statement

  • Black Shady

    LMAO What the fuck is wrong with Andre???? Did Big Boi fuck ur bitch or something?????

  • IIG

    Common is a much stranger dude than he used to be, don’t get that twisted. His actual work was the least affected after Badu’s grip though.

  • Peekay

    this makes me even sadder.

  • Nosferatu

    I think the only reason Andre won’t put out any songs is because he is afraid of not having the same success of his previous album. Look at Dr Dre last singles, they didn’t top the charts. That’s the reason why he gets on features and not solo or Outkast projects.

  • AKofteam80ty

    stop it, if dude were to say he was going to drop tomorrow, hella people would be out buying his shit because everyone wants to see it, just like if they dropped they group shit, everyone would be all over that shit

  • County Of Kings

    i [email protected]

    he seems to be feeling like i dont want fans that arent on blogs and online everyday to hear this and think this is outkast worthy. when they do it together they do it flawlessly. so these 2 songs have different directions from both rappers and he wanted to let the outkast faithful know that this isnt the outkast u have been waiting to hear. he not saying he not fuckin wit him, he just saying this aint outkast, this is just him adding a verse to ride my wave and coat tails lil bit.

    and who said bigboi got 2 classics under his belt??? ppl throw around the word classic to recklessly these days i swear

  • Big Boi first album was incredible… Second one not so much. This statement wasnt needed, thats like shittin on ur friend, 3000 gonna make sorry pt 2 lol

  • Ouch…

  • Ridalen

    This makes me sad.

  • LoverofHipHop

    As much as I admire 3k and love his music, that was either a fuckboy move or some emo ass I forgot what it was to be a friend and stay quiet sometimes move.

    He knows Big just put out an album, he knows dude needs as much promo and any and all type of awareness as possible. To throw out such a disclaimer looks cheesy, is wack and shows signs of selfishness over life long friends. In short some ho ass shit.

    Nobody got that shit confused and is mistaking that for an official outkast record, people are savvier then when it comes to music nowadays and know what is what, it just wasn’t that serious to put that out there like that. Let Big boi live homie…you generally want your lifelong friends to prosper and do well. Now if Big Boi was to leak some record they’ve done together that 3k didn’t approve of or was unfinished I could see him getting tight…this…just seems like his panties is a lil too tight instead.

    That is all.

  • The Goatherder

    Yeah – unless I’m missing something – this statement was unnecessary. Totally unnecessary.

    But it does increase the apparent chasm between the two parties – 3000 and Big. I feel bad for Big. He just wants to make music. And the remixes increased his buzz. Music is great. Human beings get in the way of the music. Always.


    Andre 3000 is a great lyricist but he a bitch ass nikka!

  • loki

    “I discussed this rationale with Big, Frank and T.I. and everyone agreed.” 3000 and Big apparently thought this statement was necessary.

  • karl

    cheese and lemon smoking on that cheese and lemon waaa
    you cant ride homie
    east sideeee
    2 chainz all day, f andre he whack
    big boi fat too, talking that whack on espn now
    that asap boy though, he tight

  • What a DOUCHBAG.
    Hes acting as if Outkast was him being Busta Rhymes and Big Boi being Spliff Starr when it was an equal union that contributed as much as the other to make the group Outkast work so well.
    Infact Big Boi made it more hip hop than Andre 3K did… coz without Big Boi on your own you just another Ceelo Green with weird costumes and singing melodies.

  • karl

    @thegoatherder what kinda faggot name is that

  • Beezy

    Lord Jephus!!! I hope this quote was taken out of context. I’m a fan of 3000 but this comes off as some pretentious ho shit. Everybody knows Big jumped on the remixes after you, but that’s supposed to be your homie. There’s no need to put your boot on his throat. At least he’s out here trying to keep the Outkast legacy alive by putting out albums and keeping the group relavent (which Stacks didn’t even contribute to).

    And he apparently doesn’t care about his fans because on the TI joint he says something to the affect of “Hope we didn’t lose no fans from it but fuck it if we did.” I’m a huge Outkast fan but I’m losing mad respect for this guy. Stop cutting off your nose to spite your face! And pull your skirt down.

  • yella

    Damn Big boi and andre 3k really had a fall out

  • Goldie

    CO-SIGN 100% AT WHAT [email protected] SAID ^^

  • Guess it’s a more serious “beef” than I thought. If anything, going by the Sorry record, Big Boi should be the one tight with Andre. That nigga killed the tour money, I wouldn’t be trying to jump on none of his tracks after that.

    But they need to sew that up, hip hop needs them TOGETHER, right now. Maybe more than ever…

  • Lostprodigy

    Man if this is Dre’s official statement which it probably is what in the fuck is this guy doing I mean I’m an outkast fan and personally thinks Dre should be on the Mount Rushmore of Rap but this is complete disrespect first you jump on everyone’s song but big can’t get you in the Stew for his joint cause you busy now you make a point to let ppl know that you had nothing to do with these remixes I mean shit I’ve reluctantly come to terms with the fact that a Kast album is slim to none but the malarkey that’s going on is beneath you he “living his life live yours ” champ.

  • These remixed bet not start no shit…smh

  • Obama

    Personally I think Big’s verses were both weak… But Damn This nigga is SALTY!!

  • dafyysci

    3stacks sound like a bitch, why he hating on big boi now

  • Nathaniel

    y’all got it all twisted.

    we know how much artistic integrity Andre 3000 has. he just wanted to make it clear that those aren’t official remixes, one, and two, that these aren’t Outkast records. why? because Outkast has a brand that shouldn’t be played around with… which is kind of what “throwing” a verse on an already made record sounds like.

    here’s the thing. had big boi been commissioned WITH andre for the original recordings, andre would have ended up doing something different on the records, and both would have just turned out differently. i think andre deep down thinks Pink Matter lost its original quality, not because big boi is on it, but because of HOW he came to be on it.

    that ain’t ‘Kast. Andre is more concerned about upholding the brand of Outkast, IF IT’S GON BE ‘KAST, he’s artistic minded, while big is more business minded. just look at those some of those wack ass video’s my nigga big boi put out for Sir Lucious Leftfoot… ex: Shine Blockas. <—-terrible low budget garbage.

  • Nathaniel

    all y’all niggas want is an outkast album, like niggas owe you that shit. reminds me of how angry fans get when lupe doesn’t slave for you, or “acquiesce to your whims.”

    stop whining. it’s plenty of dope music in general out here, without an outkast album.

  • Tre

    Not waiting on an Outkast album anymore. Not buying any solo albums either. If a friend has it I’ll burn a copy, but I’m done. Just name whatever album y’all put together “weaintfuckinwitheachothernomoreandthisisthelastalbum” and go on about your lives

  • cory


  • If people read the statement thoroughly, he’s not dissing him at all. As County and the other poster stated, he just wanted the fans to know that this isn’t “Outkast” style music, otherwise it would have been a different direction entirely. I agree that he is scared of not being able to match the older success they had. Times are different so that shouldnt be a factor. In some ways, if you read the the Justin Timberlake statement, he’s doing the same thing trying to say “oh im just having fun, no pressure” because they dont know if they can match that earlier success.

  • The Other P

    Andre doesn’t want to drop an album, doesn’t want to tour, doesn’t want to do any Outkast appearances, just drop verses here or there (100k a pop @ 1 point & time, not sure what his rate is now.) He keeps his hype up by being so sporatic with the release of his verses. In 2013, a ‘Kast album couldn’t live up to everyone’s expectations & the allure would be gone. Multiplatinum rappers can’t take off damn near a decade between official releases & expect the same popularity they had a decade before with Dr. Dre being the sole exemption. Even Dre couldn’t make the impact he had previously with the songs released as potential Detox singles. The audience moves on, plenty ofteenage girls that rocked out with “Hey Ya” are now grown with families and/or careers & not the least bit concerned with whether or not ‘Kast releases an album.

  • Ivy Blue Hov

    I always did prefer antwan to andre!

  • 3rdRail

    While I do SOMEWHAT agree with the posters that made statements about 3 Stacks wanting to maintain the artistic integrity of the original recordings, there is no denying that Andre’s statement was some straight hoe shit.

    I almost believed them when they said there was no beef between the two of them, not so sure anymore…

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    another outkast album would be so crazy, i honeslty dont even know why they split up in the first place

  • Heat

    From the way he dressed i always felt like something is wrong with him. Well.. now i see him for bitch homo ass he is.

  • @BlueScalise

    Do I smell pussy??

  • Marlonz

    What a HoeAss , Man Andre 3000 is nice with his raps but he sure do act like his shit dont stink.

  • madgoodmusic.com

  • Reg

    It is pretty obvious that these two aren’t as cool as they used to be… and I the only one who’s getting that vibe?

  • Gmoney

    Y’all just don’t get it do ya’? 3000 does not like big boi at all. Andre finds time to drop juelz on everyone else’s records but Big boi’s, it’s obvious he doesn’t wanna fuck with him.

  • Da Truthhhhh

    3stacks is nice but big boi is trashhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • I’m surprised that a lot of you never noticed that the problem isn’t in “tension” between Big Boi & 3Stacks.

    3K just doesn’t want to be a full time rapper anymore. That’s it.
    What does he do, 3 features a year?
    It’s not like 3K is putting out singles, mixtapes etc.
    he drops 16/32 bars and dips

    It seems that 3K is interested more in finding himself than what the audience wants
    I want a 3K and/or OutKast album too , but ya gotta let that man cook.
    He’ll find what makes him happy when h e’s ready till then his apology is correct and on point. Making sure no one , aka the internets, start rumors.

    Kill that virus before it spreads
    smart move Dre

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Speculation is not allowed in courts, but ok on Blogs. what?

  • bigga

    gotdamit, wtf is wrong with this dude, he better than this, if it aint for big boi there would be no todays andre, so again wtf ?! show respect for your brother, nobody deserves to be treated like this especially somebody whos been wit you the past 15 years negro

  • DJ

    3k just came across like a bitch here.. he hasnt told us what we didnt already know!