Kid Cudi Covers Complex


Cudi’s back on the cover of Complex for their February/March 2013 issue. The entire story is available to read here. but here are a few highlights below. Issue hits newsstands February 4th.

On antidepressants

I took a trip on antidepressant lane for a little bit. After the WZRD song “Dr. Pill” everyone thought I was talking about molly or ecstasy. But I’m talking about prescription meds. I had just gotten a shrink. I was having an emotional breakdown with this breakup. I kept trying different pills for five months. It fucked me up. They weren’t working. It was every side effect on the bottle. I couldn’t fuck.

On not being on Cruel Summer much

I was a little disappointed. But Kanye had a vision for that. Whatever that vision was didn’t include much of me.

On his father’s burial 

We didn’t have any money when my dad died. I knew we didn’t have much, but goddamn. I didn’t know it was like that. My mom revealed to me that the casket wasn’t sealed tight. She said my father’s not there, like there’s nothing.

On being labeled a deadbeat dad

That’s what bothered me about that shit that came out [on TMZ about the child custody case]. Why the fuck would I be a deadbeat? I was like, “That’s preposterous.” I didn’t fucking have a dad since I was a kid. I couldn’t wait to have a family and pick up where my dad left off, and be there for my kid.

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  • jobie

    Promotion starts now,saw that his new single charted. Pretty surprising. Indicud will be his most fun album yet, im pretty excited for it actually

  • Capricorn Religion

    Damn….. I mean, I know Cudi isn’t “A-List” rich but, damn. I know he isn’t broke. . . . . Right? Not enough money to bury his Pops? Damn

    Keep your head up Cudi

  • GreenBeitz

    kid cudi is that dude..

  • kbisburning

    @Capricorn Religion

    His father passed way before the money and fame came

  • dmx

  • Capricorn Religion


    Damn. And I call myself a Cudi fan. Lol. Thanks

  • Damn, no money for a proper burial, but he grew up in Shaker Heights–one of Cleveland’s nicest suburbs? Not sure about his pops, but dude’s mom was a teacher at my neighborhood middle school. Guess it goes to show the importance of having life insurance.

  • DMVinyourchick

    lol just cause you can afford not to live in the getto does not by any means mean your rich^^^

  • Tyreze

    Yo Kid Cudi aint been out in a minute, but he’s still dat nigga.

  • thecool

    When is not on the cover of Complex

  • Despite

    Cudi is a legend man… love the music he put out. Can’t wait for Indicud.

  • Da Truthhhhh

    Slutty Baby mothers equal more sales use the negative and turn into a positive.