• Splash

    Great. This was some ratchet shit to begin with..
    Let’s see them do it to the Kardashians now.. Especially since that bitch ass Nigga Kanye is involved..And btw The Niggas destroyed they’re own race for that foul ass shit.

  • PRezzi

    he fucked dat nigga on the far rite hahahaha

  • Da Truthhhhh

    If you got more than 5 baby moms you need to take a aids test

  • I’m mad he’s wearing LeBrons.

  • Da Truthhhhh

    shit these days even 3 or 4 baby moms is risky goes to show u most niggas don’t use condoms, in florida aids is number 1

  • Midsize Jerm

    This isn’t any better or worse for the culture than Shawty Lo’s solo rap career. LMFAO after signing to G-Unit and absolutely NOTHING coming of it I think this may have been his last chance to regain the smidgeon of relevancy he had many moons ago.

    it’s Tuesday and I’ve got another lyrical masterpiece for y’all. Check out “No More Oulipo”, one of the longest, deepest tracks I’ve put out in my career: http://youtu.be/jptLxoc1sW0 and check back next week for more new music during Post-Apocalyptic Bliss Tuesdays.

  • Slim Baller

    There truly is no help for society smh. We have this clown running around with “bricks”

  • The Goatherder

    VH1 will pick it up.

  • Da Truthhhhh




  • Black Shady

    im MAD cuz i wanted to watch the ratchetness

  • I wanted to see it. You must be a sensitive idiot to think that a tele-fuckin-vision show is gonna set a whole race of people back

  • Da Truthhhhh

    most niggas base they whole life off TV fuck you talking bout?
    Can’t argue with a nigga , u know why?
    just becuase he seen it on tv he or she thinks thats the truth?
    YN you took the truth concept and going to soft with it, tell the truth or make up Poles about your questions.

  • Da Truthhhhh

    I know niggas who got more than 5 baby moms and child support is raping him and his chances of having aids is high, they promote sex not just to destroy U my brother but also to kill your seeds. Young kids having sex with no condoms but they carry aids?

  • Real

    thank god they didn’t put this nigger on the air

  • what an incredible picture

  • NotoriousRambo.

    Now ain’t that something. All of a sudden someone wants to be righteous. We see shows with teenage girls having babies, men with multiple wives, girls sleeping with girls, men sleeping with men, seven year olds being exploited, all on national television but suddenly, “We will continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation.” I wonder why ??

  • Da Truthhhhh

    why? because it sells. America went from being a House Wife to a Full time Whore.

  • Da Truthhhhh

    I’m out you lose sleep about it, They using hybrid looking niggas to shoot schools so the man can change laws about americans copping choppers, fuck out of here I know the truth,truth, and in this country the real truth will get u Killed with a suicide note.

  • mike

    Best news and on Dr.MLK Birthday.

  • Unit


  • What a great ploy for him to get amazing press. Dam 50 is a marketing genius because you know he was behind this whole thing. Shorty and 50 knew this would never make it to air but it bought Shorty Lo a ton of free publicity. Nice work.

  • Leila

    Black people love drama especially ratchet ass bitches why do u think vh1 keeps putting the shit on tv…smfh even at the hip hop and bet awards u see black women over 35 dancing to meek and chainz like its the greatest shit they have heard ever notice how the camera cuts to the crowd they smiling and nodding beyonce get close ups cuz shes beautiful but black women thrive in drama instead of reading and learing white bitches got other shit to do and dont sit around talking about no shorty mothafuckin lo

  • Young Lucky

    how the fuck was this show ratchet?
    the title was a little off, but the nigga has 10-11 kids by a bunch of bitches that know about one another, takes care of them and for the most part they all seem to get along to some extent. thats real fucking life. sometimes i hate being black because you motherfuckas complain about any and everything but have solutions for NOTHING

  • slick dick

    ratchet by having 11 kids and a 12th on the way (rumor). thats fucking ratchet as fuck. and acting like he cares. evn more rachet…. shawty cant get a break. and 50 dogged him and owns him now hahhahahah

  • John

    Look at us waste of life, what are we doing. The world going to shit and were on this dumb ass site! God forgive us

  • Say It Ain’t So

    I was really looking forward to seeing this

  • 85

    Shawty can care less as long as the check came in … and I could care less no matter what check went it ;D


    fucking swamp niggaz..

    • WHITE-E’S


  • daddy43205

    shawty lo can have all the baby moms and kids he wants at least he takes care of them so i cant even hate they taking money out his kids mouth by canceling the show.

  • Homie

    I just noticed that 2 kids and two baby mamas didnt make the photo shoot

  • Surprising.

  • Devante

    What’s negative about this show? It’s black man stepping up to take responsibility for his kids…
    But we have no problem with Love and HipHop baby mama drama

  • Peekay

    this is embarrassing and to be proud of it?!

  • WOW NiggerS

    You black ppl are funny

  • How Wonderful…

    Im glad this show got axed, however I feel bad that Shawty Lo wont make any money. Im not for nigger shit on TV, but I am all about brothers making money. maybe next time son.

  • Oh no

    they should have let it ride!! It would have portrayed the 47% beautifully! This is how they live!!! But without the money!!

    Black America!

  • Bleeding Frogs

    I just think its spooky a protest group got a show cancelled. Regardless of the show’s content, 37K signatures hobbled a swell of jobs. And why a series about polygamy can get multiple seasons, Amish people commuting crimes, a show where people have to answer trivia questions to save their largest asset, yet this show doesn’t fly?