#YN42 Born Day Bash Photos


Photos: Ravie B.

Before I connected with Raekwon at Greenhouse last night, the wife @danamo put together an amazing birthday gathering with dear friends and music industry heavyweights. None bigger than Mr. Carter who blessed me with a toast. Powerful room. Warm emotions. Forever grateful. Thanks to all.










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  • oh…. and LOL at Hov iPhone Case in his pocket

  • PoeticFire28

    Just wanted to wish you a happy 42nd YN….Shit i don’t understand peoples hate on you. You have always remained one of the solid forces. I salute you and wish you many more man props from north carolina

  • MMG

    lol where your bf Ross pure disrespect he wasnt by your side after all the time u post about him and keep his mane clean i guess he the man in the relationship and stood you up smh

  • MMG

    dam your wife got some chompers on her happy she black tho ill give ya a pass

  • Anelka

    Y’all niggas can see for yourself why YN stay tight on Jay Z’s nuts, Mr Carter acknowledges him big time and YN just reciprocate by dickriding. Simple stuff.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Damn Jay-Z showed up !

  • prai$e

    lol @ chompers.

  • Haha

    Jay z showing up probably made him nut in his pants


    bdot dressed like he ready to shoot a grimey hip hop video in brooklyn streets

  • mrfukkyofeelings

    yn corny ass nigga!


    Happy Bornday Elliot!!! YN you been killin’ it in the rap game and continue to shine. Thank you for what you do and all that you have created. A definite contribution to Hiphop.


    YN, your staff look weak as fuck. bunch of sissy looking donkeys. and these are the motherfuckers who dictate whats hot and real to us. fuck out of here. YN ,you look like an aging toad in a suite…dick riding faggot..

  • @E7ienne

    HBD YN!
    It’s only right music industry heavyweights and Hov showed up after all that dedicated work for hip hop for decades u been doing!
    We see u worldwide.

  • Hov bout to have the Master P neck

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    B Dot coat hard though

  • mrny

    How you call him corny but you on his website? Lames

  • Anelka

    @jaguar, LMAFO. Why you go hard on YN like that.

  • AfricaZK

    B.DOT HA!
    Happy Bornday Mr.Elliot

  • madgoodmusic.com

  • Cruel Thing

    Happy Birthday Elliott!

  • Black Shady

    @B.Dot ; where the durag at tho? HA!

    shouts to YN! but when are you giving me a job? Been ridin with RR since the beginning damn…

  • Fuck a Fuck nigga

    @jaguar lmaooooooo cornyass yn, why is b dot not wearing a du rag gooffffff

  • slick

    happy born day yn, u don’t look a day older than 60

  • The Other P

    HBD YN!

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    So now there’s a birthday release party, what da fuuck!

  • This ain’t his website, it’s a hip hop site

  • Da Truthhhhh

    Thats whats Shakin, H appy B day , Support Real lyrics and Preserve the rap Game, And Please throw out the trash rappers,( Most Trash rappers is in the South, didn’t say all but Most).

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)


  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces


    so disrespectful

  • Jaymalls



  • Anon DCPL

    Lmaooooo @jaguar

    Aging toad in a suit.


  • I think YN’s wife is beautiful and she’s very talented, creative, funny & has a resume none of you, or me, can stand next to!

    YN looks smooth, give him a break. He’s 42! What do you want from him ? You think he should look young and ratchet? lol

    B Dot needs a cut tho, for real! At least he’s not cheesing at talking to/meeting Jay Z as if Jay Z was the President or Pope.

    Happy b-day once again YN

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    He’s just a rapper, blogger! chill

  • Say It Ain’t So

    Can’t take this site serious after finally seeing what these guys look like lol

    What did Officer Ricky get you Elliott

  • medusav

    Hey Bigg Props Elliot !! We need you for your views and reviews, Salute ,more champange more cigars !! Brisbane Australia

  • King Hov!!!

  • foekist

    lol typical YN (younghov Nobbler) post Jay-Z’s pics first and make sure there is two of them. If I was Q-Tip I wouls be asking why is there only one photo of my Younghov Nobbler? Eh eh?

  • Benzema

    YN looks like an old 42. Damn. Happy B’day tho.

  • HK


  • chillthrill

    lookin like a gatekeeper,,,over there,,,thats good thats good,,,leave a door unlocked for a brother,,

    music from new artist champion style http://youtu.be/lv5bNivtQCQ

  • chillthrill

    and oh yeah happy born day,,,lololol,,,,,old enough to know better,,young enough to take it there

  • Yeezus Christ

    yn got a picture with jay before cole did

  • G

    No disrespect to YN but he’s younger than Hov, yet he looks much older. Lol


  • G


  • Mike Lad

    You are one fortunate man sir.

  • Mike Lad

    But yo when that movie 42 coming out I jack I rob and I sin

  • art2facts

    YN should have invited this guy – he making big waves

  • realness

    when people hate you on your own site thats a fucking problem. you must be an asshole and industry cock sucker in person, i hate to speak like this but real recognize real

  • Killer Chris

    Salutes YN. Been in this so long. Still at the top of your game. And all you niggas that come to this site to hate are lame. YN hopes you keep coming and keep clicking. Fucking idiots.

  • GLB

    @ PoeticFire28 – J. Cole, is that you? 🙂