• Westside

    Letterman was trippin tho, scarin white folks and shit hahaha

  • rackboy

    was all a bit of a mess.

  • Dashing

    Props to Letterman (or his booking guy) for putting A$AP on when he hadn’t even sold a record yet. Props to the DJs for doing their thing. A$AP’s gotta work on his performance skills though. He was subpar.

  • Nein6x

    lol at nigglettes not being censored, sus

  • Black Shady

    haha second part was a mess

    shouts to ASAP tho

  • ZzzZzzZzz


  • Hollywood

    Is it me or does ASAP Rocky look like the kid who was kicking over Craig garbage can in Friday all grown up..

    ‘aaah quit playing quit playin I’m a knock em over next week punk, yall bustas can’t see me, Punk”…..

  • LuxuryRap

    ARAB & ATRAK! that’s what’s up!!

  • Donn

    Not his best performance but when u gotta censor yourself I’m sure it takes away from ur energy

  • Zap

    Hot garbage.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    lmao @ Hollywood

  • dll32

    dope ass performance!

  • Eva

    This nigga is trash..no art whats so ever best thing on the stage were the dj’s and the throne. Trust and believe white people held they wallets and purses watching this nigga with slave brades

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