Eminem “The Monster” Goes 2X Platinum


Monstrous Sales.

Eminem continues his reign this week with another platinum plaque. With a video already in the can, his Rihanna assisted single, “The Monster” has moved 1,007,000 units. As far as chart position goes, the song is currently number two on the Billboard Hot 100. Congrats!

UPDATE: Make that, double platinum

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  • brza


  • Abe6772

    No surprise

  • Abe6772

    Think they banged?

    • Word


      • o’block234

        Dont get smarrt , she was just asking .
        Goffie , GLORYYYGANG♥

  • Hussle

    single finna go 3x platinum at least. just watch

  • Ten

    I am Rihanna, lyrics and all.

  • Da Business

    Em is killing it, DAMN!!!
    Props my G. Still feel that the lp is just above average though. That’s just me tho.

  • CiNo

    I love how the song is #2 in the country, and he’s holding up 2 with his hand lol

  • I’m glad this album is being pushed the right way. Em has been doing music award performances, and interviews in other continents, they’re still putting out magazines with him on the cover, the singles are being well received, there’s constant news about what song off the album is gaining momentum or getting some sort of achievement, Survival of the Fittest was on Modern Warfare. THIS is how an Eminem album should be treated. Fantastic!

  • nachit

    amazing album, damn

  • AFI

    EMINEM is GOD. #facts

  • amazing single,great album,amazimg new album MMLP2 ,Eminem is Rap God !


    The year of shady…lmao….naw, but 4real…congrats to Em

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    HOLY SHIT THIS DUDE KILLS IT http://youtu.be/lSFxreEka7U