• Semi-True

    this a masterpiece

  • GTFO

    Y’all trying to hop on this before they get bigger huh. lol.
    Its all good at least y’all learning not to underestimate NY artists.

  • phraynkh

    Zombies r killin eryting!!!

  • Vegazxx

    …..dog, this shit wack.

  • embark

    2 for 2

  • SaveHipHop

    Arc is a master mind. Got bars and does magic on the keys. Meech was good. Wish Juice had a verse though.

  • dopeness

    wow… THIS SHIT IS FIRE!!!!! where juice tho?

  • How Wonderful…

    Flatbush Zombies always come thru with heat.

  • PistolPistol

    Old news