• Slim Baller

    LOL @ Stalley going no where with his career, doing nothing with MMG. He is the weakest link in MMG

  • Ugh

    Ross radar

  • hah

    leave young chop beats to GBE please

  • Baous

    Little disappointing that there’s no “deez bitches love Rozay” anywhere in this

  • MMG

    Neef Buck Of Young Gunz – Check Mate (Dissing Meek Mill) [Audio]
    play this pease

  • ?LowLife?

  • Devante

    Stalley should pull a Curren$y, and say thanks to mmg for building a foundation for his career and go indie again lol

  • Mac

    I don’t understand what Stalley is doing on these tracks. Does he hear himself. Some beats are not for him and this is one of them. He’s rarely impressive to me and I listen to his music so I’m no hater. The sad part is I want to see him win but the dude’s flow is super awkward most times. He’s gotta be able to change his rhyme scheme up to be accepted by the masses in certain situations.

  • O-bla


  • PolarBearsToenails

    You motherfuckers kill me. Roast Keef whenever possible but now that your pimp Ross is on the track, everybody “cant’ get enough of Sosa”

    GTFOH and stop talking out both sides of your mouth


    i wanna hear rozay rip apart an original young chop beat, those types of beats aretailor made for rozay he owns them


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  • floridaboy

    this straight

  • Pardonmyswag

    Yeah @kayangee I wanna hear ross on an original young chop beat