On The Set: Drake “Started From The Bottom”


Rolling out in a white Bentley, Aubrey began shooting the video for his new song with Director X in Toronto today. Until it arrives

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  • cfbny

    Drizzy da GAWD


  • jfraz1992

    @rareair24 get off his dick, u didn’t even hear the song yet damn

  • BowOnArrival


  • MMG

    all white you know that black guy is doing good

  • 50 cent


  • Marlonz

    Finally Drake bout to go in again

  • County Of Kings

    @rareair24 all jews aint rich dumb ass nigga. jews suffered too, thats why they so cheap and ruthless wit the money cuz they aint ever going back. we could learn something from those progressive evil unified muthafuckas

  • Jaymalls


    U Gotta GREAT (Tony The Tiger Voice) Point… Still have to respect his grind though!

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    County Of Kings says:
    Wednesday, January 16 2013 at 6:43 PM
    @rareair24 all jews aint rich dumb ass nigga. jews suffered too, thats why they so cheap and ruthless wit the money cuz they aint ever going back. we could learn something from those progressive evil unified muthafuckas

    ^ HA! the realest shit ever written in the comments.

    A song by Drake called “started from the bottom” is kinda odd though

  • Black Shady

    new single off new album???????

  • ayyeee

    Finaly some new Drake!

  • Obama

    REAL Jews are NEVER at the bottom

  • Gillygil

    What he means is that he started from the bottom in the rap game.

  • chillthrill

    started from the bottom? hell me too!!,but you,,,check out my artist champion style,,,,,he’s coming from the bottom too,,,


  • This dude is gay.

  • Traprap

    I was supposed to be in this video they invited me on twitter

  • Midsize Jerm

    Nigga definitely did NOT start from the bottom if he was a caked up actor well before he hit puberty… Didn’t he say in some recent verse that he never lied in a bar or some shit? One of the biggest hypocrites in the game right there, thinks he’s ‘real’ and ‘street’ and then there he is parading down the ‘street’ in all white like it’s Labor Day and he’s the queen or some shit.

    For REAL ‘real’, check out ya homie at: http://bkjames.bandcamp.com/

  • Melba

    jews stopped suffering after the war ended and hitler was killed not all are rich but best believe they are wealthy. They have to make their money go around 7xs before they spend it freely and their always has to a profit for doing so. Niggas spend $ just cuz and gain nothing. Drake never struggled he was put in the rap game to fuck it up for real niggas that still struggle, do u think rap would be so gay and soft if aubrey never stepped foot in it..the answer is hell fucking no..drakes mom is jewish he came from a jewish mother that mothafucka got more power and money then wayne and baby…WAKE UP yall can have this closet homo and his mono tone singing and rapping I will listen to black hippy and krit

  • Loaded


  • Truth.

    “Until the it arrives..”

    Somebody should revoke your keyboard privileges.

  • fh

    He talking about the rap game he did start from the bottom

  • M.T

    good. been waiting on some new shit from him.

  • Respect

    I wonder when the song boutta drop

  • Donn

    WHEN DRAKE MOVES NIGGAS CARE ENOUGH TO COMMENT, says enough, and it’s 3 pictures and a song title LMFAOOOOOOOO


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    i can’t lie, i’m waiting for a new Drake album. say what you want, he’s the hottest right now he’s far more talented than Rick Ross, Lil Wayne you name it.

  • If drake feels he came from the botton then thats his right..

  • jose

    Drake is Fake . He acts like a thug cause he hangs around so called street niggas . Now Drake who is soft as a feathers acts like he some kind of king pin . Fuck this punk . Yes he is a jew and you know how them jews are they like helping their own . Look at Hollywood every1 is jewish they own the game . Drake is Fake a phony

  • lou

    @jose u sound like a salty bitch nigga

  • rucker

    Drake never started @ the bottom of anything especially hiphop.he was always backed by his management co. And subsequent label who had him signed for months and fooled the public intp believimg he was sp dope that his music should be on radio. Shit was a fix from the beginning just like 2the chainz situation.

  • Mike Lad

    Drake was nobody until he made music. Now he’s one of the most well known and relevant artists in the game. The only other person that could that accomplished that was me, but I love that OG!!! holla holla~~

  • Los

    Drake was a nobody? He’s been in show business since he was a little kid. Where you been?

  • Sarcastic A$$hole


    Hahaha, I got that invite as well!

  • Gundam

    drake is better than Wayne these days, but still drake will always be #2 next to wayne IMO because wayne set the bar, and although drake’s talented, he would be laughed at if it wasnt for that co-sign

  • Haters need hop off drakes bottom cuz ‘from the bottom’ is so subjective it means something different to everyone.

  • SLD

    For all we know, the track could have a sexual theme. ‘Started from the bottom’, idk i’ll reserve judgement till the track actually drops.

  • DJ

    hate to say it.. but dude gonna shit on niggas once AGAIN

  • ?LowLife?
  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    You Tony Romo Homo Niggas be hating too much on Drake. Let that boy make good music, get these hoes tacos wet and creamy for me Drake.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    drake did not start from the bottom.

  • SouloTaughtMe

    …Just cause Drake was on Degrassi doesn’t mean anything. You keep tabs on him so you should know that he wasn’t even getting paid much for that show & his first paycheck didn’t even come from that show..it came from something music-related & from Dr. Dre. Y’all haven’t even heard the song! So Chill.

  • The original lucci

    Niggas in this comment section got man crushes on drake all but hurt and shit. Talking about Caucasian topics like race and wealth and social standing in society’s what bunch of fucking dweebs!!!

  • Ashley

    I know he gonna kill it like he do in EVERY song