Young Guru Lecture At Pop Tech 2012

When Guru speaks, people listen. And last Fall, he had everyone’s attention at the Pop Tech speaker series in Camden, Maine. He spoke on hip-hop’s origins, influence, and music sampling. On a related note, Guru’s holding a contest to have a song engineered by him. You can find all pertinent information here.

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  • zeee


  • Doug Ioviine

    This is a good look for my home, Gurus home,Delaware. You rap radar guys need to check for some artists in DE

    • B.Dot

      I went to Del State. Kae Hock’s my favorite.

  • Semi-True

    “Contemporaneously to disco in the mid-1970s, the dub and disco remix cultures met through Jamaican immigrants to the Bronx, energizing both and helping to create hip hop music.”

  • Doug Ioviine

    @bdot that’s dope BDot I live righ by del state by the mall. U should def take time to check out some dover artists. No bias but BOE group Is fire. De def has talent

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  • Profound knowledge always…….

  • The King

    Brilliant man!

  • the One

    My Man…

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