• B.A.G.

    Yo, Rocky keeps this rap shit fresh…. And dude goes in. The year is yours my guy

  • TripyyMane

    Yo this shit off top is pretty nice!

  • Grizzy

    Props, cause he was actually freestyling!

  • Black Shady

    yo that shit was dope! props really

  • Truth Will Out

    @Marcus Troy, Dude we been seen your sound cloud aight. Keep working, you aint there yet family. Now stop trolling and put some studio time in. You aint Clams Casino level. Get some new drum sounds and switch it up now & then. Your shit mad boring. You stay in the lane to fucking long. ZZZZzzzz LMAO But I see u, Now Fucking Quit iT!

  • Lavern

    asap is gangstalicious….closet homo this image hes putting on is as funny as rick ross smh yall can have this nigga ima keep listening to black hippy and krit

  • Terry


  • Los

    one of the only artists in the game that can spit off the top for long periods of time and actually make sense doing it lol

  • i respect actual freestyles. this hard

  • Asap is average but this was a cool freestyle.He’s doing his thing
    Redman and Loch smoking out http://loch121.wix.com/loch#!videos/c9qb

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  • suckit

    what is that second beat from??

  • commedesfuckdown

    damn rocky can freestyle like a muh, this was hot.

  • LoverofHipHop

    That boy good! Homie is never scared to go off the top. Neither is his crew, for that alone he gets props, but the fact that it was a dope freestyle is that much better.

    And his album is dope. Glad to see homie progressing and winning.

  • 50 cent

    2nd beat is “Chunk up the deuce”

  • Vins


  • Damn, that was impressive! I LOVE HIM. Loving the video for “Long Live A$AP” too. http://www.vevo.com/watch/asap-rocky/long-live-aap-explicit/USRV81200549?source=instantsearch

  • Viva La A$VP

    Id love to see fucking bitch drake, 2chainz, lil wayne, or anyother rapper drop it like fuckin rocky does