DJ Khaled Names Next Album

DJ Khaled’s not taking any days off. Five months after releasing Kiss The Ring, he’s ready to release his seventh album, Suffering From Success.

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  • Faded

    soooo…whTs the name of it?

  • Slim Baller

    I know a lot of ppl gon hate on this but the fact is he makes bangers so stfu

  • Midsize Jerm

    Yo Khaled is delirious with his image, last time around it was “Kiss the Ring” but he ain’t no fuckin’ boss and everybody knows this, and now he’s “Suffering from Success”??? What the fuck did he do to become successful? Get a bunch of already respected artists together on the same track? That’s like a dream job, even easier than being a rapper, because there is nothing to write, no concept to create, no hook to sing, nothing! So how is he suffering from sitting in the studio with a blunt and a bucket of fried chicken watching mutherfuckers like NAS do his thing right before his eyes??? IStraight delusional….

  • dmc

    His album only sells in the first 2 weeks anyways, mite as well put out another.
    Eventually he’ll have have 100 albums out, selling 1,000 of each album a week.

  • LoverofHipHop

    As much as Khaled may get on my nerves…I can’t from his last album was actually aight and I can’t lie, I like the name of his next album. Suffering from Success, same concept as “Mo Money Mo Problems” but said differently.

  • This is cool.

  • Slim Baller

    Hopefully he grabs that eminem feature!!

  • Kali

    First single should be dope like always

  • John P

    Of course he can turn new albums around in 5 months’ time; motherfucker does literally nothing, yet gets to put his name on records. Oh wait, excuse me, he did record a few quick recyclable soundbites 5 or 6 years ago: “We the beeeeest!” and “Liiiisten!”

    One or two singles combined with a hodgepodge of posse cuts doesn’t make a dope album. And to the fool talking about his “bangers”: some of us would like to hear some shit that has a shelf life longer than the 3 months that this bullshit is dictated as “hot” by major radio stations being paid by the labels. FOH.

  • it’s the roc

    khaled is corny most, if not all of the time, but this video was on point, and i cant knock the title, it came from a real place of inspiration. i actually fuck with this so far.


    khaled is needed in hiphop, hes a character, him and rozay are must see tv and they got hits to back it, salute!

  • Say It Ain’t So

    this guy and william are cartoon characters you can’t help but laugh at them

  • Uh-oh

    @B.Dot always crying about how people dont listen to other albums before judging yet with all these Jay-Z quotes you would think that’s all he knows about in rap. Smh.

    • B.Dot

      SMH @ Uh-oh, there’s a jay-z line for every situation

  • Safe Dwade

    I think he should just do what Bow Wow did turn into a show host… Like a game show tho. Maybe something like MxC something where he can yell a lot

  • easy as 1,2,3

    suffering from diabetes coming soon

  • Power

    Khaled is that nigga who is annoying but you are better off with on your team. He work hard and make moves.. and more importantly he doesn’t give a fuck!

  • tonyblunt

    “Hov said it best: The more successful, the more stressful.”

    I am sorry BUT B.Dot but BIG said it best.

    MO Money, MO Problems!

  • Khaled and ross beleive there biger then what they are

  • M.T

    hahahahahaha DJ khaled is a comedian. Never seen someone take so pride in doing the most insignificant things. This dude seriously needs to take a break.

  • Anthony A

    Midsize jerm & John p I’ve had the luxury of being around Khaled & watching him at work & I can say that man puts in serious work 24/7 . I have an extreme respect for him & I don’t collect checks with him at all & fyi venting & talkin about what you don’t know on blogs is not going to find you success & mid size jerm heard the music you had with your link its terrible

  • Did Khaled compare himself to Quincy Jones? Berry Gordy?
    I misheard correct?

    QJ? The guy who is one the best musicians as a young, reads/writes music, produces from scratch. Doesn’t take a 2 bar loop and play it 100 times while yelling “we the best” over it?

    & Berry Gordy?
    Forget it
    Hey Khaled , why don’t you call yourself MLK , George Martin, John Lennon, JFK & Moses while you’re at it?

    Khaled def is a character & I hope he looks after his health because he’s not young, he’s def way too heavy & his only talent seems to be yelling.

    If you ever need a laugh go to allhiphop dot com and read the Khaled interview. The most incoherent guy ever.

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Can’t wait for another single ft ross, wayne, ace hood….zzzzzzzzz