• Catalyst


  • Capricorn Religion

    So? Just ignore the fact that its called “Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album. . . . . .Pt. 1″… Right?. . . . . . . Um, okay. Sure. . . . Yeah

  • Kemosabi

    Good to see he’s still as narsasistic as ever in 2013. Where have I seen this before? But as far as a real story goes YN is right 3 stacks shit on big boi with that statement, but you can’t expect ppl to work together that obviously have issues with each other for… The culture. Dre needs to just say what’s so obvious to anyone that listens to Tip’s sorry record… He’s done w the music industry he probably just wants freedom.
    It’s all in the lyrics for real Mcs like 3 stacks

  • Donn

    Smh this dude mannnn …

  • Get Real

    This may be great for Lupe. He was getting a little out of whack on twitter, from arguing w/ D.L. Hughley, to getting into it w/ fans, and of course making the ever popular anti-Obama/anti-gov’t comments. Musically I think he has been working his way off the L.A.S.E.R.S. music ledge and back towards the center of the sound/lyrics that made him who is today from the F&L & The Cool albums. I fux w/ Lupe heavy, as he’s my favorite artist, but it appeared that he was becoming blinded by the mainstream light and started doing/saying things that didn’t fit his persona both musically and from a social media standpoint. At the very least I hope this “fame hiatus”, if you will, helps him get centered again b/c he’s too talented & dare I say too important to the culture to become a ranting/raving gimmicky veteran MC.

  • DMVinyourchick

    WELP i help the new album is less preachy i hope he finds groove

  • JustMyOpinion

    HAPPY B-DAY B.DOT. Ya Bish ya. 😉

    • B.Dot

      LMAO. Thanks man

  • QBoogz

    Who gives a shit. I’d much rather listen to Midnight Marauders than this clowns discography.

  • TdE

    Its Bdots Bday lol

  • DMVinyourchick

    i mean even though lupes been tripping yall dont need to act like the nigga didnt deliver 2 classics, its probably the reason yall even bother to comment

  • ryuk


  • He’s left twitter like 10 times already lol

  • it’s the roc

    Lupe does too much sometimes

  • Jus10

    I like the new album… an I know I stick out like a sore thumb for saying that, but F’ it!
    I don’t conform.

  • Slim Baller

    His new album was amazing.

  • Django

    Happy Birthday B Dot!


    lupe need to stop messin around n shave of them shitlocks

  • TOY T





  • Dashing

    I hated the new album.

    I’m glad he’s scrapping that pretentious title. Start fresh. Go back to the basics. Make rap tracks that are fun and smart without talking down to your audience or trying to prove how smart you are. (See OutKast, Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Kanye) Get better producers! It doesn’t need to be Lex Luger or T-Minus or Mike Will Made It, but something with some soul and some substance. NO I.D maybe? Some Chicago love? Just Blaze, DJ Khalil, Danger Mouse, someone with some creativity. Shit, he might even sound cool over Clams Casino. Just something different.

  • Devante


    That will never happen sadly, Lupe is out to prove that he doesn’t need to collab with other rappers or known producers to draw attention to his albums. That’s why he said he won’t work with Kendrick Lamar because he’s the hottest out right now.

  • Nathaniel

    i likef F&L2 Pt. 1… i didn’t even think it was preachy. maybe cause i’m preachy. ha!

    this, to me, sounds like “Lupe Fiasco vs. Atlantic Records, round 2,” as far as the project being scrapped and what is looking like a hiatus. i ain’t mad at lu, but then i never get mad at rappers/artists for what they do with themselves, their brand, their music… because, well… i don’t walk in their shoes. in truth, fans probably get like 6% of the overall story. industry insiders like 20%. friends and family lie 70% at the absolute most. so, his journey to self-satisfaction is his journey. it isn’t like, since Lupe the Jedi, or the Fahrenheit mixtapes, Lupe hasn’t given us a sufficient amount of music. he has a good catalog, he’s done a good job.

    i also think his unhappiness with the industry is reflecting on his passion for the music. probably needs to humble down a lil, dissatisfaction is spoken of in the qur’an. get back to your religion, lu. ain’t no peace of mind out here without that pure islam, if you got it. and where producers are concerned, he should find fresh talent that just gives the sound he’s most inspired by, and he’ll make the best records. it’s that simple.

  • Nathaniel

    oh, and @B. Dot

    happy birthday and all that shit… i disagree with ya purist ass, often. but i’m glad you’re out here, (even more glad elliott is somewhat of a mentor), keep doin’ ya thing, my brother. now. forget i said all that. ha!

    • B.Dot

      @Nathaniel Thanks man. I’m not a purist. I’m passionate !

  • Ugh

    Ross radar

  • Judge Dredd

    Fuck these rappers that don’t wanna rap man….. honestly real spitters like me are trying to get on and you have fools like Dr. Dre, Andre 3000, Mase, Lupe Fiasco etc….. etc… with all the opportunity and buzz acting like prima donnas.

    I just wanna be heard.


    Did this nigga think he was gonna get a record deal he wanted….come on lupe didnt come in the game in the 90s it was a different set of rules the last nigga to do what the fuck they want was 50 he put up the numbers to make his own rules. Atlantic got lupe by his balls and he cant move without causing damage he pissed off somebody that makes all the decisions and hes against everything the industry stands for expect nothing but setbacks from lupe he has no backing from any major player in the game ex jay z, shady, wayne, dr dre he can keep fighting but atlantic got the last say so…but the nigga is still one of the best period

  • Word

    I enjoyed FnL2. Truly felt like it should’ve been on your top 10 list for the year along with Jesus Piece, while dumping Self Made 2 and ourHOUSE..but that’s a different story lol

    Anyway, hope this dude gets his mind right. Does that tweet even read like something he would say? It reads like his label took control of his account and published that, while grounding him to the bottom bin of albums they’ll release this year (if ever now).

  • Whatever.he’ll be back
    Redman and Loch smoking out http://loch121.wix.com/loch#!videos/c9qb

  • Puncho Vader (F.U. Ceo)

    B.Dot…Time to get them bday beatdowns. Lol (BOW!)

  • Puncho Vader (F.U. Ceo)

    Bow! BOW!

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