New Mixtape: Consequence Movies On Demand 4

movies on demand 4-cover

In addition to VH1, Consequence puts his skills on display on the fourth installment of his Movies on Demand

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  • Jaymalls

    Lmao.. @ This MOUTH BREATHING, Horse Face, Tree Bark Chomping Ass Nigga! The greatest ghostwriter ever??? But got CREDIT for most of his work???

  • HOVA

    “Free of charge of course” LOL.

  • The Other P

    Reality TV isn’t for everyone. Not sure if it’s editing or what, but him & ole girl appear disfunctional. The consequence of seeing Con act a donkey(*Shrek voice) new people aren’t gonna be checking for his music.

    If y’all took nominations for “Played Ya Self” I’d nominate the niggas from Love & Hip Hop New York: Rich Dollaz, Mandeecees & Joe Buddens. Add Jim Jones & Game in that too, teary eyed “gangsta rappers.” If Tip can’t executive produce your show then don’t do it! Reconsider!

  • naaah

    @jaymalls Cons got credit for EVERY “ghost written” thing.

    His name is in the liner notes –>IF<– he actually did something.

    or else their wouldn't have been that whack ass beef. Their would have been lawsuits.
    and a lot of money on the line.

    But that didn't happen because this nigga was talking nonsense AND HE AS WELL AS EVERYONE IN G.O.O.D KNEW IT.

    Sidebar: the picture of him on the tracklist is probably the 1st picture I've seen of this nigga with his mouth closed.

  • onenutned

    do niggas actually but this nigga shit? never heard of niggas givin a fuck.

  • onenutned


  • MikeWillMadeIt

    You guys sound like females. Probably are with all the reality TV shows you watch.

    Free Chief Sosa!!!

  • Cons is an original but he’s harder to look at than M.O.P…. you see, M.O.P. are some basic ugly hood niggas but Cons is too skeletal in the face… like he put a mask on years ago and decided to never take it off. I think if he fixed that jail house dental job he’d have a chance.

  • Truth


  • Judge Dredd

    Who cares what he looks like…. last I checked rap was about the ability to spit…

  • How Wonderful…

    Its amazing how dudus stay commenting on his looks (suspect as niggas) Say what u want, but he is an ill ghostwriter. I listened to the first Movies on Demand and it was clear to me that he wrote alot of Kanye’s rhymes. Dis him if you want, but keep in mind that a lot of you niggas raced and downloaded the Juelz Santana, Hit Boy and ASAP mixtapes and were raving about em…..

  • gammaboi

    Mr. Yunioshi sings the hits

  • HB

    he’s a great writer. this nigg did help Kanye out lyrically BIG TIME. but he ran his mouth too soon, why? because you weren’t getting publicly acknowledged? fuck that you were still getting them checks. Cons is a petty dude

  • Jaymalls

    @HB… my point exactly!

  • JP Motors

    Yo whos this niggas barber tho?

  • jhuntinf

    I have 3 things to say about this nigga…. wack….wack…and wack!!

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