New Music: Gillie Da Kid x Pusha T “Tryna Get Me One”

gillie da kid

Gillie Da Kid’s back on the scene and shows nothing but ambition on his new single featuring Pusha T. Expect more to come soon.

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  • dmc

    Both these guys killed Wayne

  • Anon DCPL

    damn, this track is hard. Good shit.

  • CB


  • Devante

    Gillie was actually a good rapper… His rep just got ruined when he dedicated his life to expose Wayne and only go half a bar as a response.

  • M.T


  • Power

    Rapradar hates Lil Wayne so much that they are covering Gillie’s music lol

  • phillywide

    cmon nasir you moms a pops was there #fraud

  • @Subzero

    Gillie getting promo here because he doesnt like Weezy lol

  • The Crow

    After hearing the garbage truck juice Wayne’s been putting out as of late….he might just wanna reconcile with Gillie and his pen ….just sayin….

  • realest


  • IM730

    I was a pusha and wayne fan not no fuckin stan for either just listened to both here and there. And honestly I think if wayne was spittin like Da Drought 3 he finish this whole thing. But dudes worried about that skateboard to respond.

  • GILLIE! KING OF PHILLY! I Fuck with this.

    You Should Fuck With This TOO!

    If You Don’t You’re Wack As Hell.

  • the brain trust

    WOOOO! Push Ton comes correct as usual.

    Lmaooo. Called his oldest brother a loser. That’s real!

  • caliking

    no big kyle your wack as hell no one wants to hear your shit fuck boy

  • I fuck w/ both of these dudes’ music.beat is tough off the rip.Subject matter is dope.This hook cool too.Pusha always on his shit
    Redman and Loch smoking out!videos/c9qb

  • BlackDivine

    yea,good shit,both did a good job.

  • they go in