New Video: Fat Joe x Chi Ali “Games & Things”

From the block to the studio, Chi Ali is back on the small screen as he makes his rounds with Fat Joe in his new video. Home sweet home.

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  • Say It Ain’t So

    I like this

  • Like I’ve written before, Fat Joe has a hell of an ear for beats. Hot track!
    Fat Joe is terrible.

    Become an A&R Joe, nothing wrong with that.

    Lester Bangs Of Hip Hop
    Rapping about NYC when ya live in Miami…

  • gaz

    good song, I would of re shot that handshake at 1.13 tho…..

  • Afi K. James


    Fat Joe got tired of NY and it’s attitude toward the south during the last decade
    so he had no choice but to move to miami.