• Joe lake

    are those bumble bees on his chain?

  • Say It Ain’t So

    How much is Def Jam paying YN

    Elliott Wilson [email protected]

    Just copped @Myfabolouslife single. #Ready http://instagr.am/p/UoI8g8J2Ir/

    His getting checks from everyone

  • Joe lake

    YN looks like Danny Devito and Raekwon had a baby

  • Seek Bills

    This game is so fake & fucked!!!

  • BlippityBloop

    Say It Aint So, I was about to type the same exact comment

  • zezzoi

    Fab’s the biggest clown. Steals Jay-Zs style, Steals Drakes song format. SMH. Nigga be yourself.

  • Joe lake

    get real, fab is done with the rest of em. sit down with juelz, luda, and them. it’s a new day. only the strong survive. “Fuck your dreams! this it’s reality!”. hope you invested well! even chris breezy cant save yall! muhahaha!

  • Uh-oh

    Joe lake says:

    YN looks like Danny Devito and Raekwon had a baby


  • shit cray

    yall sum broke hating ass niggas…… UPS IS HIRING!

  • Reginald

    YMCMB Conference Call With Drake – http://youtu.be/d_dViIyCdnkE

  • Chris

    YN has no shame, does he?

    And I fucks with Fab, heavy, but this single is terrible.

  • R Mcrd

    This is terrible. Is fab on coke or something?

  • The Other P

    Can’t lie, am somewhat disappointed in the new single but if this charts & get the ball rolling on an album then I’m cool. Hopefully the album is similar to the last album & all the Soul Tapes.

  • Pat NYC

    FAB need go bac to old flow new shyt he on is wack….. sound lik the rest of them betta off sound like ma$e that was tuff… hiphop rappers all sound the same …. WACK !!!!!! NY rappers sounding lik down south rappers with these beatz that are annoy MMG rape that sound niggaz need to change look for a route that u stop the DICKRIDING