• brollya

    dis tape goin wacknium

  • Wish there was more new material, alot of these songs were released already.

  • 2 Cents

    What an befitting title. His boss was a an officer and he’s on house arrest for robbery charges. Ha

  • watup

    Ross the cop gunplay is the cokedup robber



  • Joe lake

    @2 cents, good shit haha. Reality [email protected] it’s worst

  • Midsize Jerm

    This like the third or fourth mixtape dude put out in a 12 month span…and they been going down in quality. Seriously, it’s hard to say ‘no’ to free music, but the best shit on here has been out for a while already, so why not focus on getting the album some buzz instead of dropping another lukewarm, mediocre tape with a shelf life of 5 minutes? At this point he’s just leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths, even those who want to like him…


  • MikeWillMadeIt

    A 50 where’s your album
    No where in sight
    MMG is steady putting out music while 50 keeps pushing his back
    50 just didn’t want to drop right after Wayne

    Free Chief Sosa!!!

  • mac DIESEL


    …………….HA!!!!! U JUNKIE!!!!


  • hannibal lecture

    Cops = MMG Robbers = G-Unit!

  • Los

    I think he should have went with “Cops Named Roberts” but that’s just me.

  • Los

    He could have made it a series, with his boss being #1. Missed opportunities.

  • MMG

    ^^^^^^^^ nice

  • MMG

    title is fitting ross is a cop and robbing him his funds by paying him in cocaine

  • Faded

    not gona lie.. MMG jokes are getting kinda old now

  • boss don

    mmg and gunit .. suiting title

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “The rapper, born Richard Morales, will now face trial on February 25th for the armed robbery charges, for which he faces a potential life sentence.”…1) Beat Down of the Year Victim 2)Chain got taken 3) Might get LIFE IN PRISON.

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    ^ Your life must be very dull and boring if that excites you and gets you happy. Btw if you’ve seen the video he actually beat up one of 50s guys before getting pepper spayed by 50s security. And if he can do that, it means 50 punches like a little bitch.

    Free Chief Sosa!!!

  • chillthrill

    damn alll that,,,,new shit,,,,, ballin too fast,by champ,g-loydd and cool drey


  • Los

    @MikeWillMadeIt actually that was mike knox and he got pepper sprayed first

  • Truth

    Hey…Ya’ll gonna clown this nigga to the top. Real talk. I don’t really give a fuck who he’s affiliated with. He can out rap most of the rappers out now…easily. Tru or not? Plus his lyrics/visual concept are unique. Two trits you rarely find anymore. YOU HAVE TO SALUTE THAT.

  • DJ Game

    Thesis: Ross is the cop, gunplay is the robber. There is hardcore evidence on both.

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    Y’all can say what you want but Gunplay got Bars!

    But I can’t defend that song he did over DMX’s “What’s My Name” ( I think it’s called no church ) though. That shit was absolute trash.

    But still, DOWNLOAD!!

  • Django

    “ross is cop” “ross is cop” “ross is cop” is all I hear. MF’ers he was a CO!! the dirtiest of all law enforcement. all yall STUPID as fuck

  • Brandon

    Rick Ross CO’d at 19..who gives a fuck!!!!

  • Brandon

    The mixtape go BANG!

  • Joe lake

    Nothing wrong with being a cop, unless you deny it to maintain your image (of a drug dealer, who’s name and credibility you robbed him of) and then your artists subliminally disrespect you by making their tape”cops and robbers”. Thats whats wrong here yall, so stop defended these ignorant rapists of our culture.

  • @BlueScalise

    Cop: William Roberts
    Robber: 50 Cent


    LMAO @Los….”Cops named Roberts”…omg this made my day…lol

  • 85

    …niccas in the hood play Cowboys and Indians … next single is called “How to Cop” hahah 😀

  • Mike Jones??

    This shits for the Birds!!!!! BDot co-signs this whack shit but has the nerve to say Chief Keef is terrible??

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  • Mixtape by Gunplay was okay, but I did expect better from him especially with all these big name rap features like Rick Ross,Yo Gotti,Pusha T and more.

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