New Music: CyHi The Prynce Ft. Travis Porter & B.o.B., & 2 Chainz “A-Town (Remix)”


Well, look who’s back. We haven’t seen CyHi for a minute, but he’s here to rep The A with a new joint featuring Travis Porter and Bobby Ray. His new mixtape, The Ivy League Club coming soon.

UPDATE: Now with 2 Chainz and off the upcoming Ivy League: Kick Back on January 29.

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  • You see most of the haterz are mad rappers who just still waiting on a deal

  • Swade

    If I was from the A I’d fukk wit it tough…kool record tho……I’ll peep the new tape “The Ivy League Club”

  • A-TOWN!!!!!

  • shane

    not from atown, but this is still sick af

  • Headedhard

    CYHI dat dude

  • R.Cey

    what was it again, the sample?
    I’m thinking Hacksaw Jim Duggan from WWF days – but I think I’m wrong, anybody can refresh my memory?

  • Joe C

    If you like this Atlanta song then you will defiantly love Cashin Out by Cash Out. Check out the video here

  • T.O.

    This track is nice…. Not from the A but I fuxs with this.

  • Carolli….

    G.O.O.D MUSIC!!!!!

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  • Marlonz

    Cyhi is mad underrated. IDK why Kanye dont put him on like he did for dat cornball Big Sean .
    I mean he held his own with RZa and Jay-z what more does he need to prove

  • Ch-Hi is easily the best to come outta the A in long time

  • STOPscreaming

    should had JEEZY T.I LUDACRIS

  • STOPscreaming

    HE SHOULDa tried GET ANDRE 3000 lol

    some legends man

  • OllieAhmad

    So no one realizes this is a FLORIDA State football cheer sample? na? word.

  • wrong

    ^this is the atlanta braves chant…..

  • Lostprodigy

    So A town…..Decatur were its Greater to be exact okkk. Shoutout B Ray.

  • Too bad they gonna get smashed by the #NinerGang tomorrow

  • KYLE

    Fuck the falcons….49ers got this shit but at the end of it all I want Ray Lewis to get another ring for retirement, but cant forget the Patriots be hurting niggas dreams lol them mothafuckas have me stressed out . Oh and cyhi gotta sell his soul completely to get more exposure come on now yall know the rules

  • Converse

    ^word…i hope my nigga Ray get that 2nd ring

  • Cruel Thing

    TI should hop on this song…

  • The Other P

    Cyhi can rap better than 99% of the new rappers blowing up outta the A. The nigga just needs to pick better beats. That’s the only thing really holding him back from blowing up. I’ve seen him in concert twice, opening for Wale & JCole years ago & then again last year. There was definite improvement in Cyhi’s stage presence. So @ this point, it’s all about picking better beats for his next mixtape.


    SouthSide Jonesboro Rd nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ab

    wasn’t that moron 2 chainz celebrating in San Fran last weekend on the hes on an a town song..make up your mind nigga