New Music: Just Blaze x Baauer “HIGHER”


Just Blaze is stepping into the EDM world. And for his first endeavor, he collaborates with producer Baauer. The track utilizes vocals from Jay-Z’s classic, “U Don’t Know”. It’ll be interesting to see how this style fairs with the hip-hop consensus.

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  • Catalyst

    Araab Muzik influence on producers?

  • heez23

    whoooooo! dope

  • Look up the artist GIRLTALK

    This has been done a ton of times before
    It’s cool & at least it’s something new. No Chris Brown hook (pun intended) or boring MMG 808 sound etc on this one

    Araab Muzik influence? lol, this has nothing to do with that noise that kid makes. what a joke

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Where do you people get your music info from, WSHH?

  • OuTLaW

    Here we go with the Dubstep shit now, i guess mixing euro dance into pop rap is getting the UK have been mixing Dubstep in with rap music for many years already.

  • it’s the roc

    hot! the panning in the intro is so clean. good mixing, good production, just blaaaze

  • Peekay

    not gonna lie…this is DOPE

  • kappy

    Ive been an EDM fab for a while now. I was and always be a hip hop fan first. I really like this song. its not dubstep as outlaw suggested, its called trap style. incorporates a more hip hop style to electronic music. Well see where he plans to go with this as i am seeing him at webster hall with bauer and it should be his “edm debut”

  • rahrahrah

    Nice. Only drawback is that the Jay-Z sample reminds me of Ether, but for those who aren’t simple minded like me and distracted by that association, this just bangs period, full-stop. I don’t listen to this type of stuff so I don’t know about it’s originality. Last time I listened to stuff like this was Goldie, Massive Attack, Tricky era.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Just Blaze !!!! Legendary Hip Hop Producer. In 2013 we need more Just Blaze tracks. I like this joint.

  • i fuck wit this.

  • rahrahrah

    I remember listening to Goldie back in the day. Thanks for bringing this back to mind. Give it a while to build.

  • Dashing

    This is dope. And for anyone saying “Oh he’s doing the dubstep/electronica thing now…” first off, dope music is dope music, regardless of the genre and secondly so he should just do the same shit everyone else is doing?? Hip hop needs folks to innovate and not enough producers incorporate other genres into hip hop. I’m glad to see that Just Blaze is experimenting. This can only lead to some new dope shit..

  • HK


  • anti-brosteppah

    The j-z samples ruin it, hate that assclown…

  • WorldFamous_Kev


  • Ngr

    flames you niggers

  • Vins

    Baauer is responsible for this shit, not on JB. He’s just experimenting for once, Baauer been on this for a whileeeee

  • true

    baauer’s work is in the synths and drums. that breakdown at 2:50 is all justin blaze.

  • Me

    How can anyone comment on who did what when no one was in the studio?

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