• JustMyOpinion

    This is a good look for the crew.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Album went gold on ROCAFELLA RECORDS lets not forget. CAM’S “Come With Me Home” was nice too. Yup the good old days.

  • DJ Game

    Bb kings…haha. Careers are over.

  • efdee

    wish i could go man. DIPSET!!!

  • omar hameen

    Tryin ta revive dead rappers

  • Devante

    All 3 failed at come backs…

  • Why a Monday though? Niggas got jobs b

  • rahrahrah
  • TdE

    “What you kno about DipSet you lil Dip shit”

  • mitch

    Rocafella was the best thing that happened to these guys. Cam became a star. dipset had a movement. the good ole days

  • acostaeric

    Why, this CD is whack.

  • YouKnowMe

    Them niggas local

  • sam

    as usual the dipset haters out in hoards these 3 have influenced almost every rapper in today’s generation check ur facts!

  • Black Shady

    I just wish they would go back to their old style.

    now they just wack

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    What the fuck are they the temptations?? Is jim jones david ruffin??RELEASE AN ALBUM!!!!

  • woz

    we need that DIPSET ALBUM ALREADY!!

  • Say It Ain’t So

    Still one of my favorite albums. The production was top notch.


    At a time when Dip-Set was one of the many NewYork crews who were running the streets , putting out bangers. Along comes an alien looking, goblin creature named lil- wayne, cash money at the time was being overshadowed by G-unit, Dip-set, Roc-a -fella. This fuck boy wayne all of a sudden was riding Dip-Set dick so hard like janet jacme deep throating long cocks. This little nigga hi-jacked there swag and style. Fake blood wanna be, but when he was singing ” bling-bling” he was repping crip. Then this sweet motherfucker turned the Dip-Set swag into a booty popping, homo thug, tight spandex wearing, cock sucking, and men lip kissing faggot style. And now we have to put up with this soft ass era of booty popping young money homos….Dip-Set should kick that nigga in his short neck…….

  • Shan Tha Man

    Dipset ya BISH!

  • Blackjew
  • Pp

    Oh great. A show that should be Awesome but will no doubt turn into a bunch of dudes shuffling around onstage mumbling and only playing the same sings they always do instead of surprising us with fan favourites.

    Oh cool. Great.

  • fh

    Bb kings lol could not get a bigger venue