• rlydoe

    HAH they look so fuckin dumb in the first pic. like grown men idiots…..pff

  • bumpy johnson

    track is a dope , def need to make a vid to that track , both of them came correct ..

  • Nahmen

    LMAO Push look gay af in the first pic

  • Yeezus Christ

    pusher L is ugly as shit

  • creepers

    lol Push does look like a fruit-cake in the first pic though

  • The Other P

    Pusha looking like Asap Rocky’s older brother. Push gotta get credit for not waiting on ‘Ye to create his buzz.

  • boss don

    push jockin rockys swag

  • Yup !



    HA !

  • Uh oh

    This song isnt good enough to be a single. Doesnt even stand out.

  • Why So Serious

    Lmfao!! that first picture tho

  • Why So Serious

    But when is that mixtape dropping tho Push!

  • Stone

    Who Else Can’t Wait For The Eminem Album….??

  • More

    This guy Pusha T has strong female mannerism… I’m surpries niggas think he is one of the realest in the game. He looks fruity to me.. But then again who doesnt on GOOD music roaster?

  • Reg

    aint nobody stressing an Eminem album like that…

  • Marlonz

    Pusha T lookin mad suspect in that first pic. He been tryin hard to fit in with the dress code of gay rappers since he signed with Good music. EEYUCK indeed…


    almost every comment above mine is a fuckin homo just for judging another man , ESPECIALLY on how he dresses, and second PUSH is a G real niggas do real things ,he can do what he wANTs at this point he killing everything lyrically and has the hardest verses since JADAKISS so respect that man , fuck the haters PUSH, WRATH OF CAIN , MY NAME IS MY NAME is highly anticipated

  • dadude

    First thing that came to my mind when I seen Pusha in these pics was A$AP Rocky. I fuck with both of them though, long as the music come out dope.

  • Anon DCPL

    Lmao at these comments.

    For real tho,I think them mmg niggaz have shot various videos in that same complex.

  • Inside I’m Ice!, Outside I’m Lava!

    2013 New Rules, if you don’t have anything intelligent to say, instead of how a guy looks and how pussy they are, then go to mediatakeout with your childish comments!

  • Say It Ain’t So

    It is quite funny when you think about it these are grown men nearly in their 40’s lol

  • Mike Jones??

    Them damn skinny jeans looks ridiculous!!

  • DJAR

    In that first pic push looks like chief keefs older brother on bath salts

  • mundL

    why shoot a video to a song nobody cares about

  • buking

    pusha look like asap rocky in first pic lol

  • Stone

    @reg.. I ain’t stressing An Eminem Album.. But I Am Stressing Rappers That Can Rhyme More Than 3 words in a bar While being Entertaining And Witty Without letting the fans know how much money he has every song.. Yupppppp I guess I am stressing An Eminem Album..

  • Intelligence

    Pusha T looking like Penelope Pitstop in the first picture. Huge Push fan since Clipse early days but he needs to stop doing songs with Officer Ricky, It’s not a good look. Can’t wait for Wrath of Caine and My Name Is My Name though, going to be so dope.