• DMVinyourchick

    They didn’t sound vocally disatisfied to me

  • DMVinyourchick

    Any thoughts on the event B.Dot?^

    • B.Dot

      I don’t know. Wasn’t there. But maybe that wasn’t the right song to perform *kanye shrug*

  • GB

    Lupe needs to stop with the hipster shit

  • LF needs to learn there’s a time and place for everything and my brothers and sisters that was not the right time or place for that.

  • realwickwickwack


  • Bawse

    You RapRadar fucks are stupid. Don’t know what’s going on in your country and how America is bombing small places you never even heard of! Lupe is just telling the truth and you dumbfucks are plugging your ears.

    I guess ignorance really is bliss.

    I feel sorry for your mothers.

  • Let’s all slander and joke on Lupe and his choice to express himself in a unique way that goes against the grain of popularity on MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY as Obama is sworn in.

    You all make perfect sense.

    You will probably stop the jokes/slander if Jay Z says he’s ok with Lupe tho right?

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Time & place for everything, but freedom belongs everywhere, everyday

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  • Black Shady

    Bla bla bla……Lupe will write another 50 pages essay about how the gov is corrupt and how they gonna shut him down etc etc

  • toy t



  • Lupe is that dude but if you didn’t vote for obama why are you at something that celebrates obama

  • JHP

    Lupe is annoying as hell

  • Kemosabi

    Surprisingly safe answer or B.dot but I understand lol. IMO alot of you are missing the point here. He didn’t crash the stage, he was invited to perform. They didn’t like his lyrics and kicked him off its clear to see. And that my friends is censorship. Instead of debating that everyone is looking like Lupe is nuts for rapping his own tracks! It’s not a new song had they done any research they would know he isn’t for Obama.

  • jargon

    Happy that Lupe exposed the sheep organizing the event .Sounds like a bunch of politically correct pussies commenting. Go along to get along type of weak humans. Grow a backbone. Bitches.

  • mike s

    Wonder who the staffer/committee member was that had the brilliant idea to reach out to an outspoken antigovernment rapper in the first place. Couldn’t see that coming from a mile away.

  • swiss

    5 thoughts

    1. Lupe Talks a good game but he really is doesn

  • In fairness Lupe did the same verse for 30 mins straight! So I can see how that could be annoying. However, if you have ever been to a show by the Roots ,they can rock the same beat for 20 mins straight.

    Seen them at Rock the BELLS in 2007 and the Roots played the same tired beat for about 20 mins. i hated it, but some people dug it and then the Roots left.

    I’ve seen Sonic Youth (Indie rock legends) at a festival where they had 3 mics set up played one song for 15 mins, didn’t sing & left the stage.

    Artists do what they feel, it’s not like you’re hiring a fucking Wedding Band!!!
    Besides, do some research! Clearly, Lupe’s view is not currently not favorable with Obama, but he chose to perform the way he wants.

    Lupe has a right to speak , perform & have any view that he feels.

    The fact that most of you don’t recall that Martin Luther King had an unpopular opinion and then slander Lupe on MLK day is a true indication of the ignorance that reigns among the hip hop audience.

    I know it’s not all of us, but it’s more than I believed

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    There’s no “we” in “rap radar” , right?

  • Afi K. James

    Lupe fiasco is the truth here.

  • Empire

    I’m not an Obama supporter, I’m not alright with censorship, and I don’t trust the government. But I’m glad they kicked Lupe off stage, because it looks like he overreached yet AGAIN in another cheesy, promotional stunt-style attention grab.

    You simply do not show up to a party, get up on stage, and scream “fuck you” in reference to the host or the person of honor. If there’s any one of you that thinks that’s appropriate, I invite you to try it at the next social event you go to. Guess what? You’ll get kicked out too. Not because Big Brother wants to censor the spread of your ideas, but because you are a douche that can’t determine the appropriate venue for that conversation.

  • Jerzzz

    Lupes a dude who knows a llittle bit about alot of different topics and subjects, politics, science and social issues etc…. But like i said he knows a little about alot and he’s not nearly as intelligent as he thinks. He can point out issues and problems, but offers no solutions. Agree with what he said or not, there is a time and a place for everything, and that was far from the time, or the appropriate place. And if he didnt vote his political opinion means fuck all



  • Empire

    PS- It’s a private party. He has no “right” to perform, and cutting his set is entirely at the discretion of the host. He maintains the “right” to free speech… outside, away from the microphone.

  • Devastation Inc.

    Yeah it’s called “Freedom of Speech”. But with
    everything in life there are consequences. You can say what you want, but be able to deal with the fall out. To my knowledge he was not arrested.

  • loki

    I love the people annoyed with Lupe only pointing out problems and offering no solutions. Go back to your bread and circuses, your drugs and hoes, and keep getting it up the ass from the government.

  • Quick

    Look at him cheezin as he got kicked off. Listen to the disconnected garbage they were playing for apparently upwards of a half hour. Listen to how much better it sounds as soon as thy stop.

    Wake up, Lupe fans, this was exactly what he wanted. Just another stunt, and another failed point by the immortally corny Lupe Fiasco.

  • B.Dot


  • Peekay

    Lupe needs an intervention



  • Kemosabi

    Alright for the sake of argument let’s say he was repeating his verse from Superstar or kick push do you think he would be kicked off stage? The fact that we’re talking about it means he knows alot more then you people that would say “he knows a lot about a little”. What points are you making? An outspoken rap artist is asked to perform at an event in which he is against the organization that has booked him and he was a rebel!?! If this were 1989 niggas would love this. What he did was art. Shout out to chuck D

  • It still kills me that Lupe supposedly was mad that ‘Obama did’t say shit’ when the Gaza Strip was getting bombed. Yet, Obama had yet to be inaugurated at the time… The bombings started on December 27, 2008 and the ceasefire began on January 17, 2009. Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2009. Just stating the facts.

  • Anelka

    Why do motherfuckers lie even in the face of evidence? I was not at the show but from the footage, the claims by the organizers about the audience being vocally dissatisfied is a white lie. SMH

  • Nathaniel

    y’all do realize the SCLC, MLK, and SNCC used to…

    do bus boycotts? sit ins? protests? and all forms of non-violent civil disobedience (not when it was ‘politically correct’, which was a term not even in existence back then), but when it made those who wouldn’t go against the grain MOST uncomfortable, right? to make a bold, brash, offensive, and hopefully change-oriented statement, right?

    nah… y’all didn’t know that because america has deceived you into believing the only thing MLK did was dream that if a black man could become president, he would never have to dream again.

  • Critical

    Civil disobedience only works when you’re NOT doing anything wrong. Sit-ins were meant to highlight that these were simply people, just like anybody else, sitting at a counter. So when the activists were physically yanked off their barstools, dragged across the floor and thrown in the back of a cop car for NO GOOD REASON, it resonated with people. Marches were meant to show the support of the masses, and when the police turned the firehoses on a bunch of people innocently standing on a park, it had an effect because there was NO GOOD REASON.

    But playing a really shitty show and getting cut short is apporopriate. Playing one song repetitively, in breach of contract, and getting cut short is also appropriate. The demonstration of any point is lost, because there’s already a GOOD REASON for the show to be cut short. And furthermore, since it was a private event, no blame can be levied at the people that Lupe was complaining about.

    More than anything, it seems like Lupe tried to pull off a half-assed publicity stunt; fully expecting his followers to simply buy into the gimmick without doing the critical thinking. And it looks like he got about half of you to bite.

  • eXtreme.com

    they know goddamn well lupe is not a “fan” of Obama, so why they invite him in the first place ust to shut his show down later. the the same man who called him a TERRORISTS, what, did they think he had a change of heart??

  • D Twice

    Its kinda they’re own fault why did they invite Lupe?

  • eXtreme.com

    ^^ *just* *this the same man*

  • phraynkh

    Lupe just earned back all the respect i had lost for him…

  • Truth

    Thats some bullshit. It is a free speech issue. That’s a dope song too…

  • ironic

    To those who dissed Lupe for NOT offering solutions, well, he’s NOT obligated to offer solutions. Social critique doesn’t mean you HAVE to come up with any answers. Analyzing and pointing out to shit in society is part of getting to a ‘solution. Also, exercising freedom of expression is his right. So, there’s that.

  • ^

    And nobody said anything otherwise. Of course he has the right to speak and say absolutely anything he wants. Just like everybody else has the right to analyze his comments, and draw the conclusion that he’s an ignorant tool.

    His critics were simply explaining their lack of respect for Lupe, and it’s much harder to respect somebody when he offers absolutely nothing but idle, immature bitching and publicity stunts. If you want things to change, offer a potential change, instead of worthless critique. Otherwise, you’re just another asshole trying desperately to act smart. Which is, of course, perfectly within your rights.

  • jojo

    @ swiss. Dude, if you really think you live in the ‘best” country in the world, your clearly a clueless zombie sleepwalking. Wake up! The rest of the world hatessss you! And it’s not because of the “freedoms” you think you have…lol you have no freedom, wake up fool.

  • jojo

    Maybe if some of you fools actually looked into or listened to the things he says, you would wake up. You are all brainwashed! You represent the lowest level of intelligence in society!! You just believe and accept whatever is told to you on the evening news, you have no idea how to think critically and form your own opinions….you ride the bandwagon of what everybody else is doing or thinks, you believe that your president tells you the truth….. hahahahahah. I honestly feel bad for you guys. Peace

  • Darkwing

    Good Job Lupe, let the sheep stay asleep

  • Homie

    The same verse for 30 min str8? Lupe, you may have some valid points but get yo ass off the stage!
    And yes I’m a Lupe fan.

  • Robama

    @Swiss YOUR VERY DELUDED MY FRIEND. Read/Watch http://crooksandliars.com/nonny-mouse/greatest-nation-earth-isnt-us

  • Young Lucky

    @B. Dot like hell it wasnt the right song to perform!! He stayed true to how he felt and how he loudly expressed months ago. Shit, Lupe is that nigga for this one.

  • trey

    LUPE has balls though . Every one else goes with the flow . Open your eyes people . Most of you are nothing but sheep . Speak the truth Lupe

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    Most of this civilization is asleep shall we say.. In times were its the darkest I am one to shine light with my spirit.. so I can respect his intentions…its right in front of you all along ..but you focus so much in whats happening outside of you that there’s no focus within or lack of seeking within.. that’s were you find your Godliness ..Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

    Shine bright Shine bright shine bright

    All is one either way no matter whether you believe it or not LMAO WAKE UP

  • headedhard

    Officer Ricky sighting.

  • figaro

    men, my niiglet Lupe be mad ignorant. this nigga sayin two years ago how obama aint saying shit about gaza strip and how my niglet obama be a racist. how the hell you gon show up to a fucking nice event to present yo shitty ass songs for the inaguration of a nigga you hate yourself. these industrial niggas nowaday don’t have no morals and thats why niglets following rap be mad ignorant. these nerdy ass stupid niglets like my niglet lupe aren’t mature human beings that can stand up for shit they think. AND THESE NIGGAS BE ROLE MODELS. so fuck my niglet lupe. I loved it when he made music like the cool and food & liquor but nowadays a nigga be catching L’s left and right. This niglet nowadays is pure image and no substance.

  • figaro

    Plus my nigga B. Dot be mad ignorant too. How you go in on my niglet andre 3k like he doing shit wrong. This nigga is an amazing artist that gave us masterpieces on top of classics a decade ago but that doesn’t mean he’s supposed to do so. Let a nigga do whatever he wish cause you know a nigga mad wise. If the genre has gone to shit lately it’s because fans condone it letting bitch niggas in like my niglet lil wayne or my niglet lupe fiasco or my niglet dj khaled that don’t have no respect for they craft at all. Give a nigga a break. If my nigga Andre 3k wishes to do tommy hendrix shit and gillete commercials let a nigga do that shit. If he wishes to kill himself, LET A NIGGA DO THAT SHIT. Don’t come round here acting like hiphop savior or some shit like you know what people should be doing. PEACE Y’ALL but them niglets running this blog be ignorant as shit though.

  • Haha, the audacity of Lupe to preform one of his songs at a gig. I did not see that coming

  • The Fuck

    hahaha lupe is ma nigguuuh!


  • Liveurlife Thisyear

    LUPE PUTS HIS MONEY WHERE HIS MOUTH IS!!! 1 EXAMPLE of that is The OWS. AND LUPE’s livin’ in a country where the House Niggaz never left!!! They’ll B kissin’ the white man’s azz ’till their death!!!

  • Phonte

    What are these other rappers doing rappin about molly and raris. Thank you Lupe.

  • pp

    i hate this goofy idiot.

    only black people and white teenagers think lupe is intelligent.

  • Felton


    swiss and anyone else can talk about freedom all they want…you obviously dont know what freedom is…if u think u can walk around and go wherever u want and practice whatever religion if u think thats freedom thats allright…keep on keepin on.

    the amount of freedom u have in america is the same as in majority of the world…its just that GREAT AMERICA points that out so much so they are able to brainwash a bunch of people and make them think freedom is what we have.

    Lupe tells the truth, aint no denying that…he still is an amazing rapper…

    people need to be aware of what this government is doing and what is going on in the world all for the sake of profit…if that doesnt touch ur heart then keep on doin what yall do…

    its much easier being a dumbass in this world believe me…but Lupe is not he knows what is going on

  • Jizzle

    …video gone….figures…

  • @ Felton

    I think you’re misunderstanding the term “freedom”. America is (by far) the most powerful country in the world. Inside US borders, there isn’t have much more individual liberty than most of the rest of the western world. But as it pertains to America’s relationship with other countries? America has the “freedom” to do pretty much whatever the fuck it wants. And since America is just that much bigger, stronger and better than your country, you really can’t do anything to stop it. That’s why you hate America, and that’s why it’s so much better to be American than whatever you are.

  • Felton

    @ @felton

    that was really funny…haha…no comment really. and by the way i never said i hate america, i dont really.

    that was such an expected answer from whoever…couldnt wrote more ignorant shit myself if i tried…im not sure if u r joking, if you are then you are my dude…if u aint…i wish you nothing but luck