• billboards

    VADO is BACK!!!!!!! This shit goes HARD!!!


  • rahrahrah

    “closed mouths don’t get the FEDs so we don’t say shit….”

    Vado! Dude killing it, let him shine in 2013

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    that won’t be a good look for vado at all.because a harlem nigga will never shine in southbeach.south niggaz don’t listen to lyrics,they listen to the hook.don’t you see what future doing.fucking with khaled cooming from harlem,vado will end up on the shelf like j mills tax write off.

  • Chris

    The DJ Khaled rumor has been debunked as bullshit, and the tweet is no longer there.

  • Say It Ain’t So

    If that rumor was true YN would have been talking about it

    His better of as far away from them people as possible

    Any news on Slime Flu 3 because it ain’t on datpiff anymore

  • Uncle Ray Ray

    Looks like Shrek bust one on his face

  • sam n wessin

    Vado best rapper in NY

  • Lostprodigy

    Just saw an interview Fab did saying he can bring NY that old feeling back and I tend to disagree although Fab is nice he tends to lean heavily southern commercial on his albums more so than his note worthy mixtapes with that being said VADO makes me want to visit Harlem NY in time I believe he can win and that’s what hip hop is missing Remember when you wanted to go visit your favorite artist stumping grounds From NAS=QB to SCARFACE= Houston and OUTKAST=ATL that’s when you know you have a special artist when the music is so vivid you can picture Riding shotgun in the Van listening to Jeezy 1st album word to KDOT.

  • Kamohelo

    I swear, I can’t stopped playing this song…