50 Cent Back On The Howard Stern Show

Curtis Jackson returned to the Howard Stern Show this morning. In the segment above, Fif spoke on his brief relationship with Chelsea Handler and reflects on his conversation with Michael Jackson. Below, he also judges a rap battle.

UPDATE: Full Version.

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  • Greatest interview artist ever. Answers all questions,, leaves no doubts. I wish the rest of these pussy ass rappers would follow suit

  • Mr.November

    ” Answers all questions,, leaves no doubts”

  • Rude – Boy

    This guy keeps it real

  • The General

    50 always speaks his mind you gotta respect that

  • abc

    so basically ja rule paid hamo to shoot fif? reading between the lines

    fif stop dry snitching man

  • Smh at abc

  • County Of Kings

    what u call “speaking his mind” i call a carefully calculated answer for controversial attention. i’d bet that there has been times 50 didnt even have any real problems or feelings towards a situation, but pretended he did. cuz yall niggas think thats keeping it real. that doesnt always equate to being real.

  • Q

    Game interview was better then fiff

  • G

    ^^ Both of them are attention-seeking goofballs

  • Blackjew
  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    RR hates putting 50 cent in the top 5 posts
    ^The TRUTH
    cool interview tho

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    howard sterns a sicko tho

    not afraid to ask the hard questions, but still lol

  • JOeyzz

    enjoyed the interview fif