Common On Cruel Winter & Next LP

common in dc

From Q-Tip‘s hints to Pusha T‘s clarification, Common tells Vulture that G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Winter compilation is probably not going to happen.

Does G.O.O.D. Music really have a Cruel Winter album coming?
Oh, yeah, nah, nah. I don’t think that’s happening. It was more of a rumor

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  • JustMyOpinion

    I think the RAP blogs started the Cruel Winter rumor and rapper’s within GOOD music ran with it. Think about Cruel Summer reads: Kanye West presents….. So, unless Kanye talked of a Cruel Winter this should have never caught steam.

    But, then you’d be asking RAP practice REAL journalism rule 101: check your source. Go figure.

  • Devante

    Lol maybe the just left his ass out

  • KingJuggaNott

    Translation = My next album I’m reaching.

  • Slim Baller

    5,000 first week for this niggas irrelevant album

  • B.Dot

    irrelevant? SMH

  • tucq

    Too bad. I thought CRUEL WINTER was a good title to come out with.

    …..Common is irrelevant?….. PLEASE.

  • Faded 4evaNaDay

    Common ain’t that dude you bumping in the car with ya boys anymore but he still got bars. Deff checking for this new album

  • Dashing

    Common and Hit Boy could be a dope combo. I’m more excited about this than Dreamer/Believer cause he’s stepping out of his comfort zone a bit and not just doing the old school/soulful sound that he’s known for. I’d love to hear a couple of Dilla beats on there too though…

  • Nova


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Common is a hip hop legend Dude always making great music.

  • the brain trust

    Looking forward to the Co double Mo- N’s next release.

    I loved The Dreamer/ The Believer

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