• Truth

    Good lord his teeth are soooooo big!!!!!…I simply can’t get around that. It’s like…It’s like he has 4 sculls.!!!One on top of the other. DAMN!!!

  • Truth.

    I’ve lost almost all respect for this man in the past year or so. stop carrying yourself as though you are a king and everybody should bow down and pay homage. youre now on a fucking reality show! reality shows for rappers should fall under the phrase, “when shit gets real.” i guess them beyonce checks aint that long. and as for joe budden… HA!

  • poetic assasin

    this is the track they were playin on the show that they wanted Olivia to jump on…. decent track –


  • ronnie coleman


  • DJ Bobby Drake

    Trash!..This Nigga Is a Clown..

  • mike

    Never in life have I heard anybody say, “YO, that new Cons joint is hard!”……..And Pusha T was supposed to “Off his ass/with his awful teeth”

  • Deon

    Good Track Con

  • Rozay

    I fucks with this goat mouth assed nigga, he makes some good songs at times, but truth be told niggas don’t fuck with him because he dissed Kanye, but if you really listen to some of his music objectively you would be pleasantly surprised

  • Dorron

    This is actually a decent song. It deserves some spins!

  • Pete from Harlem

    Nice joint…
    Is it because this was more about Paula Campbell than Consequence?
    I may not rock with Cons like that, but I can respect him.

    I’ve listened to a few interviews with him and he drops various gems, once you get past the bravado and posturing. Don’t get me wrong, I understand no one will sing your praises better than you, but at times, most of them many, it seems he’s looking for some sort of vindication. Acceptance as being as great as those he’s assisted, and I don’t think that will ever happen.

    Will we see an episode of unsung about ya mans Consequence?!? ( shoulder shrugs.)