Trinidad James Announces Tour

trinidad james

To help celebrate his current success and usher in his next single “Females Welcomed”, Def Jam’s latest recruit will embark on his first headlining tour, Don’t Be S.A.F.E. starting in Cleveland on February 20. Says Trini.

“I want people to understand where I come from. I

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  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Unless his next couple of records are smashes he’s already finished. The case of busting your load before you even got a chance to work the box properly.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    yea wtf how do u go touring off of a weak ass mixtape like this, what hppnd to actually putting in work b4 getting recognized? especially off of one song? i say he needs to drop more tapes before he does stuff like this

  • rahrahrah

    It word gets out that this is an all out party. He will sell, and that’s all that matters. As long as the the tour grows and connects.

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  • mrholloway

    Well at least he isn’t doing big venues…

  • franky noodles


    4. LIL B
    5. 2 CHAINZ

  • zeee

    and dumb as you people may think he is this dude is pretty smart. he know full well that he may not last but what ever money he makes from his stint how ever short or long I think he will make good use of it. Do your thing my dude

  • Get yo’ bread James!! I will admit to bumpin’ Gold in the whip quite a bit lately lol…

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  • R

    His non rapping ass will have to owe money for his non selling music unless the label buys his music back to stop the bleeding!!!!!!

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  • homework2012

    Can somebody please explain to me what exactly a ‘molly’ is? I know that its a drug in the form of a pill… but what pill is it?

  • Nemesis

    Ecstasy without all the Extra garbage…

  • 2 cents

    He’s gonna pull a lupe and perform A.G.E for 40 mins

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