A$AP Rocky Long.Live.A$AP Tops The Charts

A$AP Rocky's "LOVE.LIVE.A$AP" Album Release Party

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Come tomorrow, A$AP’s debut album Long.Live.A$AP will live at the top of the Billboard charts. HDD reports that the album moved an estimated 141,003 in first week sales. Not bad for a month-early leak. Final tally tomorrow.


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  • wtfmynamechanged

    Sellthe whole thaaaaaang from the cell phone raaaaaaaaaaang

  • Young Lucky

    DAMN! thats great for like you said an lp that leaked in what I thought was november. Nonetheless salute to the young nigga!

  • CaliSteppin

    Congrats to him. The album was dope. Angels is my shit!

  • The gay community supported

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Yep, the homosexual community will support with $$$$ if you’re willing to ride their wave and from the moment dude was out there rocking black nail polish the fix was already in.

  • Intelligence

    Glad to see A$AP Rocky making sales. Should go platinum in no time. Let’s see if A$AP Ferg can live up to the hype with his debut mixtape.

  • DMVinyourchick

    I’m happy for em no doubt in my mind he woulda done at least 170 of it weren’t for that early leak album showed lots of versatility

  • Based Van Exel!

    Its crazy how far IMAGE will take you in the rap game….Leather SKIRT wearing ass nigga,Black nail polish having nigga.

    Niggas wearing leather skirts and the hypebeasts say its “High fashion” LOL

  • JustMyOpinion

    100k the NEW GOLD.

  • Rhyme

    Dope album.

  • Midsize Jerm

    I wonder how much better the sales would have been if it hadn’t leaked until after it was in stores…double? Because even double the sales wouldn’t be too impressive…if it wasn’t 2012 when selling 200K first week is a rare phenomenon.


  • Nathaniel

    Rocky put out a really… REALLY good album. start to finish. i feel bad saying i was expecting it to be good, but damn… the shit is really well done. Wild For The Night will be huge, and so will Fashion Killa… then Phoenix, 1Train for the posse cutters, it just has everything a nigga could ask for.

    NY might finally have a young upstart to switch directions and breath life into that stagnant ass region. props to A$AP.

  • the brain trust

    Happy this did decent numbers.

    I bought the album & I’m satisfied with my purchase cuz its really dope.

  • matrix

    Conrats to this nigg cusz it was looking bad after that leak…chuuch….

  • Good album, proud to see the new school doing numbers and accomplishing shit like that

  • M.T

    this is a surprise. The album was ok but i fuck wit his mixtape more. 1train>>>>>>
    Congrats to A$AP rocky.

  • RealNigggaSayWha

    Congrats burhbruh your art showed that no matter the leak ,your true fans came out and and bought your shit.SALUTE

  • SaveHipHop

    ASAP AfuckingSAP. He deserves more, but thats good with the leak. Great fucking album for Mr.Pistol Popper screamin fuck a copper.


    ppl talking about 100k the new gold lmfao jeezy does 233 k like its nothing next album will definitely alaso sell over 200k easy

  • STFU

    Like people are really checking for A$AP Rocky’s album. I don’t believe this lie, one BIT.

  • I’m checking for A$AP’s album no doubt. Can’t find it in stores over here in Australia yet but I have a copy of it on the HDD lol… I’ma support though. It’s dope from start to finish imo.


  • TA

    Congrats to rocky. very impressive after the month early leak AND it was his first album with only one real single that people mess with and it doesnt even get much radio play. much respect to the art. ready for FERG up next.

  • ZzzZzzZzz

    *plays remy ma*

  • Word

    GREAT album from beginning to end. Really enjoyed it and Rocky made a permanent fan outta me. His sound is a breath of fresh air, especially his flow.

    Wild for the Night is probably my favorite song on the album besides PMW and Phoenix. Shout out to Gunplay for Ghetto Symphony too. Glad the album did well and hopefully his next one will be great too.

    And y’all get too caught up in the image. Are you going out on a date with dude or buying his music? Y’all mentioning everything except whether the album was good or not.

  • ECU

    Wasn’t even thinkin of buyin the album but since i was in target i picked it up and i’m glad that i did.
    Hope it hits GOLD

  • Congrats to dude, not a major fan of his work, but he comes off intelligently in his interviews.

  • Mardogg

    Put his so called image aside, album is very solid. How often does that happen lately?

  • The original lucci

    Ha my nigga went #1 wit no celebrity endorsement!!! My g should hit gold by sept.

  • kayandgee

    not bad, well done yo

  • Dashing

    “Suddenly” is that shit though. “Back once again chilling in the back of the

  • wow


  • B.Dot

    I’m glad the numbers are strong. It’s good for the business of rap music.

    But IMO, the album was weak. It had some cool production and few highlights, but overall it had no substance nor replay value

  • SaveHipHop


    How the hell did you get this job? You dont know shit about good music.

    Album is dope and has been on repeat nonstop

    • B.Dot

      yeah, “Hell, “Pain”, “fashion killa” are REALLY thought provoking and entertaining.

  • floridaboy

    good for him

  • The One

    Thank Drake ASAP

  • Dashing

    @B.Dot, those are the skippable tracks that I was talking about (although “Fashion Killa” might do well as a single). But besides those joints the album is pretty straight. “1 Train” “Suddenly” “Phoenix” “Long Live ASAP” “Ghetto Symphony” and the singles.

    He’s not the deepest MC out there, but he doesn’t try to be (“Don

  • dmc

    I still refuse to respect rappers who make me lower my standards to listen to their shitty music.

  • The_Inside

    B.Dot got it right ASAP’s album was just ayite. It had some joints but I expected better. Glad he sold well and I hope album #2 is crafted better.

    Faces of 2012 have done pretty well (KDot, Meek, ASAP, Macklemore etc) I wonder who the 2013 faces will be and how they will fare.

  • How Wonderful…

    141,000 isnt alot when you take into consideration how many people listen hip hop, identify with the culture and claim to embody it..I know there was an album leak, but it’s possible that it sold that many copies primarily because there werent any other noteworthy hip hop releases when the album dropped.

    Not hating, just an opinion.

  • B.Dot

    @Dashing the sad shit is that the cornerstone of rap music (lyrical content) is now placed at a premium.

    The songs u mentioned are just as weak. “Suddenly” is a feign attempt of being deep. And he completey gets outshined on “1 Train” and “Ghetto Symphony”. Hs style is that of a one trick pony.

    To me, there aren’t any surprises nor songs worthy of a rewind. Not to draw any comparisons, but at least with Kendrick album, you walked away with some kind of understanding of who the artist is: i.e.: “Swimming Pools”, “Art Of Peer Presssure”

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  • Ruanee

    I don’t give a fuck if I come across as a ‘hater’ with this, but i think ASAP Rocky is THE most average rapper i’ve ever heard to have a buzz like he does.

    Without the productions and the faggity ass hipster image that people seem to be down with (WTF?!) then he wouldn’t be shit. Lyrically i genuinely think 2 Chainz is better than him and that’s not even a joke.

    Can you really see him changing up his style to anything better than what it’s at?

    Guna be the same shit constantly:
    Wayne & Wiz have played that style out for me.

    Actually fuck it, when it comes to Ross, ASAP, 2 Chainz, Future, Waka, Chief Keef then i’m the biggest hater there is. IDGAF!

  • Mr. BIGGGLE$Worth

    @B.Dot if you were gonna use Kendricks album in comparison at least choose a better song like “g.o.o.d kid” to compare rather than swimming pools, cmon man. Talking bout a rapper that mentions marijuana in his songs but doesn’t even use the substance.

  • B.Dot

    What u talking about? “Swimming” pools touches on alcohol’s influence on his life and families

  • Black Shady

    PMW is my shitttttt

  • R

    Bdot tells the Truth

  • pptheTruth.

    Asaps mistape felt more like what i thought he was gonna be and the album he tried to get to artsy ala something like andre 3stacks.. but they dont got the same smarts.. or asap doesnt have smarts like that.. That mixtape tho is the fucking shit. I overexpected for the album after that.. Still tho.. Angels is pretty dope.. Awesomely dope. And I came around to the title track even tho its the oldest on the CD.. BUt wheres that outkast at.. Andre needs to hop that big boi asap song.. and murder em both.. even tho big is still tops with 3k.. But I think asap tried to get the new age 3stacks sound.. and that just has to come natural.. when money aint shit.. no worries.. and you dont care about money.. thats when you can rap like that..

  • Dashing

    @B.Dot, agreed that he’s no Kendrick. He’s no lyricist in general, but I don’t think that’s what he’s trying to bring to the table. I don’t even think he was trying to be deep on “Suddenly.” Likewise with “1 Train” and “Fuckin Problems” I don’t think he’s trying to beast on the mic lyrcally or try to go toe-to-toe with his featured artists, I think he just swags it out and has fun over his tracks. He’s like an NY Wiz Khalifa. You listen to him more for the vibe than the lyrics. And he chooses original production that has a very distinct sound (PMW excluded) that separates his sound from a lot of other folks out…

    Not everything from NY has to be deep or superlyrical.

    • B.Dot

      I’m not saying it has to be deep or superlyical. I think that’s a point SO many people miss these days. But where’s the substance. It’s like you already know what you’re going to get before u even listen. It can’t always be about swag, weed, designer labels.

  • Dashing

    True, but at the same token when Pit Bull does a deeper song (or even just a regular rap track) no one checks for it cause people don’t go to him for that. The same way they don’t go to Common for a record for the strip clubs. The best artists go beyond that and can cover a wide range of topics, but that’s not everybody. And that’s never been A$AP. He’ll hopefully grow lyrically as an artist but at least the music is original. I get applying that general criticism to other artists but what’s out that sounds like “Long Live A$AP” or “LVL” or “Phoenix?” So I think the substance is more in the music/tone of the tracks than in the lyrics.
    At a point I’d rather hear him than “deep” crime stories from Meek Mill over the same tired Lex Luger/Cardiak/Jahlil Beats production that everyone is rapping over. Or “substantive” shameless attempts from someone like Lupe?

  • Bianca

    Asap it a closet homo…hes gonna be kissing niggas in a minute cuz 141k aint enough after he got that big recd deal damn 10yrs ago 50cent was doing 700-800k a wk for 2 months strait on his album its sad that black rappers gotta struggle when they created the art form mac miller sold way more than asap and hes worse these jewish label execs are draining black artist dry remember when suge knight, irv gotti, and jay prince were gonna start a label and then all those random charges brought them niggas down that shit wasnt bad luck or karma they dont want niggas running nothing but their mouths…and jay z stands with those mothafuckas how did a nigga from brooklny shake hands with bill gates and meet with the russain billonaire that owns the Nets? Smh Asap is gonna be the new prince minus the fuckin talent Kanye is damn near there…Gay as Fuck

  • Respect

    it kind of bothers me that asap can say hes had a number one album but kendrick cant just cuz he came out the same time taylor swift did

  • Nathaniel

    where was the substance on vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3, dynasty: roc la familia?

    in like… 2 or 3 records per album. what exactly, in the way of substance, are niggas requiring out here? ready to die… get rich or die tryin… tha chronic….

    not only did ASAP have substance, but it was never contrived substance. “this is my deep record.” nah, he just spoke honestly from his experience. you could tell it was genuine shit, and really free creatively. i don’t know when niggas started acting like it was talib or nothin’ out here. rocky dropped thought provoking lines (and some records, too) all over that album. it may not be in every single line of every song, but when is it ever?

    and to call that nigga an NY Wiz is ridiculous. wiz don’t be talkin’ bout shit and niggas know it. lets be real. (and i aint mad at wiz for that).

  • Nathaniel

    and to say the nigga ain’t lyrical… again, i don’t know what the expectations are. to me, he was spittin. multisyllabic rhymes, different flows, fast, slow. all that shit you east coast niggas love.

    buggin. y’all niggas leave me perplexed every time, lol.

  • rogerbarrett

    you guys suck at math. 2nd week sales will drop 60-80 percent. this album will never go platinum. it might go gold in a year.

  • NYC

    where was the substance on vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3, dynasty: roc la familia?

    Are you on drugs?!

  • Spence Ya Boy

    Saying the guy who just cosigned Ace Hoods new mixtape. SMH

  • Phucku Dusumtin

    Niggas need to pipe down. For his debut album, he did decent. It aint no masterpiece but it aint babbage either. For me, the appeal of Rocky is his vibe in his music. His shit just put you in a different zone. Most of the time he just snappin and aint talkin bout shit like everybody else, but at least he being creative with the flows givin you different packages. More than I can say from some of these other niggaz ya’ll push so hard. He’s gonna grow artistically just like Kendrick will because he’s already shown that he will be creative. I look forward to following Rocky and seeing where he goes next.

  • SaveHipHop

    Hahahaha b.dot sounds like a saltyyyyy ass nigga right now. Hatin on a young niggas shine. Kendrick and A$AP are winnin

  • Gillette-shit

    @B. Dot
    Stop bein so Negative! It’s an enjoyable listen, Like YN said, leave te critical analysis to him.. You’re bad at reviews!