Lord Finesse Shows Off Vinyl Collection

Like his fellow D.I.T.C. member Diamond D, Fuse sat with Lord Finesse for their Crate Diggers series. The Bronx native recalls his first time working with B.I.G., Big L, Fat Joe and Large Professor.

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  • zezzoi

    Got my Mac Miller buzz on, Gettin On fuse & Shit…

  • Ryne Tate

    Too bad he’s old and anyone in the new school doesn’t who he is.

  • Marlonz

    Finesse frontin?
    Y’all know me, I don’t stress nothin
    Bought your album,
    that’s how I broke the eject button.

  • billions

    Can’t respect this dude after he sued Mac ..

    Not even a fan of Mac miller but that’s some fuck boy shit

  • Kid

    @Rap Radar
    Hopsin is realizing his new video in 20 mins!!!

    Get on it


  • Dub town

    Thirsty ass nigga doing anything he can to make bread..you sad dede

  • Dub town

    Don’t wanna sell you a beat to make a dollar????? But you’ll sue a nigga to pay your bills…dead

  • This old ass nigga cant pay his own bills..

  • How Wonderful…

    YOu niggas are clowns Lord Finesse is a legend. Its unfortunate that alot of you didnt grow up listening and expiriencing what he and DITC actually did. Its not even worth arguing with some of yall. Stick to your bullshit odd future, hit boy 2 Chainz Macv Miller and Khalifa nonsense.

    Its funny that yall criticize him for suing mac Miller, but if some one used your wack lyrics or bullshit beats that you made in your room or parents basement without authorization, you would be screaming for compensation. Some of you young “rap” fans kill me. Like I said Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Buckwild, Big L, Showbiz, A.G., O.C. and even Fat Joe (and the whole DITC) is the reason why some of yall wanna be emcees and producers so bad. These cats were some of the original sample flippers ever.

  • Tim Dog

    if anyone using my music without paying me is getting sued..POINT BLANK!!!!!
    Get the bread Lord Finesse!!!

  • Beaming

    Old broke guys making there name known against after going after young people who got a buzz. Broke boys.

  • shit cray

    fuck mac miller

  • Petro3